Giving it a go

I've been researching online about underwater wedding photography because, why not? There HAS to be a market for couples who want to do their session underwater...right? I've come across many different fine art photographers who photograph stunning bridal shoots and-to be able to capture that is of course a dream come true.

I had a client who wanted to run out to the ocean. Of course, I was ecstatic to hear that idea. But with the waves so high, I had to be very careful that saltwater doesn't damage the lens or camera, or even worse, the files on the SD card. If money wasn't an issue, the questions I'd ask are, how can I make an amphibian camera? what is the cost? what kind of gear in order to make this happen? what articles I can reference to make this article? how long or what the depth I could submerge the camera? does my insurance cover for the damaged camera, will people like cheesy photos?

I might get an answer from google or ai?

Table of Contents

  • Fish Tank Idea
  • Underwater Housing
  • Used Gear
  • Lighting

Wedding with Jess and Anna with a GoPro

Fish Tank Idea

I better hurry before I run out of coffee in my blood stream

I currently use a GFX and 3 X-T4s, its clear that the camera I should use for underwater sessions should be the cheaper option. The X-T4 renders colors so beautifully, that I think it would be perfect for those underwater shots.

My initial thoughts were, maybe I could buy a $5 fish tank from Facebook Market and just photograph my subjects there.

But what if the container leaks and damage my camera? maybe add a towel under the camera? first off, cant have any leaks, and were in the ocean, theres infinite amount of water. I cant just towel it.

Empty Streets at Myrtle Beach in Spring

Underwater Housing

There are underwater housing for full body cameras for the X-T4s but they are NOT cheap. They cost over $600 and some totalling $1700. Here are some that I found online.

*Unfortunately have been discontinued

Under the Wilmington Bridge

Used Cameras and Underwater Housing

As much as I'd like to stick to Fujifilm, I might have to opt for a used camera + underwater housing that is less that $600.

So far, I found 5D Mkiii for $350ish on FB Market Place, but that would also mean that I'd have to buy its housing for less than $300, then I'll need a know what?

Maybe the Sea Frogs Meikon Fujifilm X-T4 doesn't sound bad after all.


When me, a natural lighting photographer tries to wrap my head around strobes, the only thing that I'm particular about is called Key Light. Its also called the main light or the light that shines on the persons face. It's shot either straight on the horizon, giving a flat light on the face with absolutely no shadows, on a 45 degree angle in relation the forehead, creating a butterfly light, and in relation to each eye.

It's different with underwater lighting. Light travels from the sky. Which means the light will hit the head and straight down, other areas of the skin are soft and might not appeal. Another obstacle about underwater lighting is that its very very dark, you have bubbles, dust, foreign particles that are swimming around creating soft looking images.

This means a few things,

  • I will need a fast, wide angle lens
  • lights to add lighting to the subject
  • reflector to bounce light to the water

Finding Models

I don't think I'll have any issues finding models to photograph.