"The best moments in life is when we've broken through a barrier; break those walls and be independent from the lines."

—glenn guiao


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3 engagement ideas that guarantee photo envy

Downtown Wilmington, Arlie gardens are beautiful but here are a few ideas that can spark envy amongst friends and guarantee beautiful photos in your album.

Creating a set

Coming up ideas for a photoshoot is exciting to me because I want to create a story for you. But like everything else in life, we need to plan ahead to make this work. A great painter doesn't simply start painting the landscape, they'll need to scout the area, look for a beautiful scene and capture it right then and there.

As a photographer, this planning is almost identical. There are a few details that capturing photographs that tailored especially to you. And by doing so, we create unique pieces of memory by incorporating items into your photos. These items can be your favorite blankets that you shared on a picnic, a flower that you've picked out for her on your first date, a coffee place that you've first met, maybe a ticket stub from the first concert that you've have attended. If you were rained on your first date, let's make your session be in the rain, bring an umbrella, coffee, rain boots. If you've met on Tinder and you both like hiking, let's get some hiking backpacks, NorthFace jackets, khaki shorts/pants, and go to a mountain. If you've met in Halloween, let's dress up as ghosts and do a shoot that way.

Conclusion: Think about your first date, incorporate those items places or situations into your photoshoot; bring something unique to you.

Getting ready

Our next step to creating works of art is studying posing. Think theater, think about your favorite show. Despite knowing that the characters have lines to read, actors acting, they are also allowed to be themselves. There are countless of times where actors who were awarded Grammys because they went off script. And because they were brave, took the risks of being wrong, and in the end, they were awarded greatly. Those are the best moments in life when we have been set a barrier; break those walls and be independent from the lines.

Of course, you don't want to remember, 5 or 10 years down the line that your photographer told you to pose in those photos. Hold your hands, look at each others eyes, tell each other that you love them without saying a word. I was that photographer. But I want you to have a moment with your significant other and remember what you were thinking when that photo was taken. Between the posing and candidness, is ridiculousness, and---that to me, is spontaneousness.

Conclusion: I don't want you to look at my photos. I don't want you to see yourself in them. I want you to look at other photographers and want that very version of them. Show me why you love each other. With a little bit of research, you'll know what you want, and envision exactly what you want in your photoshoot.


The day has come to test out what you've learned. At this point of our session, we've talked about creating a set, getting ready, and now what you'll expect in our shoot.

On my side, I've already checked the weather, scouted the area, researched the best time in our shoot, and all my cameras are charged and lenses cleaned for the session.

I want you to be ready, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Check your Pinterest, instagram, or inspiration board to skim your photos. If you need me to take over the posing, at any point in time, I can do that too to get you started. We can bring a speaker to put ourselves a mood.

I want you both to silence the world and not care anything because this is the best part about your session. Its almost a reenactment of your love because you truly love each other, you don't care what the world is saying even if the missiles are being bombarded around you.

Conclusion: even if you've missed out on the homework, I can still be there to guide you. I would highly encourage you to go to Instagram or Pinterest and pick one photo that you absolutely love and envision yourselves in it. Planning is our mantra.


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"Because you truly love each other, you don't care what the world is saying even if the missiles are being bombarded around you."

—Glenn G

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LGBTQ+ Friendly, Minority, Asian-Owned Business, Black Lives Matter advocate, Homelessness advocate, Mental Illness Advocate, Fully Covid Vaccinated.


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BIPOC, Disability, Motherhood, Non-Binary, Black Lives Matter, Diversity, Queer, Elderly, Indigenous, Womanhood





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