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photographs are like little voicemails that replay in our souls. 

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Hey I'm Glenn Guiao

When we talk about photographs, especially those capturing the essence of relationships and intimate moments, there’s something almost magical about them.

They're not just images; they are echoes of laughter, whispers of love, and shadows of memories that stay with us.

These "voicemails" hold more than just faces or landscapes; they carry the weight of moments that make us feel infinitely alive, connected, and profoundly human.






My Approach

In our first meeting, it's important to create a comfortable space to share ideas, know your story, personalities, what matters the most to you. I encourage you to invite me into your corner of the universe.

This will allow me to anticipate moments that are significant to you.





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The Essentials


While traditional shots are essential, I'll ask about specific moments or people you want captured outside the standard list. This could include a grandparent’s reaction, friends from afar, or spontaneous events.

On the wedding day, my team and I will blend into the background help you and your guests act more naturally, leading to authentic captures. Anything from the quiet before the ceremony, the shared glances during speeches, the laughter and tears.

These often hold the most heartfelt emotions.


We'll engage with friends and family. Sometimes, they can help bring out the couple’s genuine selves. We'll encourage interactions or set up scenarios where the couple can have a moment of laughter or reflection with their loved ones.

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15 years of experience

80+ Weddings

100+ Google Reviews


Glenn has been nothing but terrific as our photographer. Between the year that we had our engagement photos done and the day of the wedding, he checked in with me and offered answers and guidance; including tips on overcoming awkwardness in front of the camera! It really helped that we had done our engagement photos and had those check-ins, because we felt way more comfortable during our next photo shoot as a result...

Mariah and Herson

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Who am I?

  • Born in the Philippines
  • I can speak Tagalog, English, intermediate Spanish, learning Italian
  • I've traveled to 26 countries + 38 States, my favorite was Peru.
  • My love language is cooking Asian cuisines to friends and family.
  • My influences come from sustainable fashion. You'll find me thrifting in Wilmington a lot

Inspired by the tenacity and love from my mom, who will always be my number one supporter.

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