Photos by Pink Penguin Studios

Thank you for taking the time to read through these locations.

Sometimes it's hard to decide where to take your family for a photoshoot.

Usually the first idea is the best idea generally because it came naturally to you.

With this list, I'm here to guide you to where to get your pictures taken. Especially on the beach.

That's why I made this list/guide for you.

I'll guide you from distraction to focusing on having fun, authentic, and meaningful family photos.

Let's Get Started!


Photos by the Beach

Luckily, South East Carolina Coastal Beaches don't have a boardwalk.

Hundreds of miles on the coastline of just locals, small motels, sparse standing hotels.

You can pick any beach access on the coast and you'd find maybe 10-15 people just hanging out and minding their own business.

If you need more privacy, I have a few locations that are super secluded and easy to access.


Beach Access 2: My ATF Place on Wrightsville Beach, or on the Coast.

I love this place because theres a shade. Shade and I get a long because of its soft lighting. The nature of shade is that it disperses the light all around, make it soft. Unlike photos under the pier, if you're not comfortable being photographed in front of people, this is definitely the place to go to.

I even wrote an article about it here!


Beach House: The Patio and around the home

If you rented a beach house, definitely use this to your advantage.

There are many pros about renting one is that you have access to the beach. There's seating where you can be comfortable piling kids on your lap. Theres shade already. If you have a pool, then we could have the kids play in the pool too. I would utilize as much as I can of your vacation home.


Behind the Sand Dunes

Am I crazy for including a 3rd location on the beach?

Maybe. But it's basically the same theme as the first one. Shade. It creates that 3 dimensionality to the photos. Soft lighting which is what we absolutely want. We keep the blue skies, avoid them from overexposing.


Your Home and Backyard

This might not be obvious to some, but having a backyard is a very good way to get beautiful family photos.

If theres a private event, a birthday party, etc. Why not hire a Family Photographer?

Don't just hire an event photographer. They'll be using flash which can be extremely distracting.

If not your backyard or don't have one, either a ask a family friend if you can use them or a park with a wide open skies.

Shout out to NC Crust! Jeff Verdaname and his wife who owns a mobile pizza oven.

They're the epitome of a mom and pop shop.

Please hire them for your next event!

Non-Beach Places

New Hanover Arboretum

The New Hanover County Arboretum is a stunning park that is meticulously maintained and free to visit. The park features several wide open spaces, picturesque trails, tranquil koi fish ponds, and a charming Japanese garden. It’s an ideal place to spend a relaxing afternoon or take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings.

If you’re interested in learning more about the park, you can check out some reviews on Tripadvisor to see what other visitors have to say.

Airlie Gardens

This is probably the only venue that you need a permit to photograph. It requires $150 to shoot there.

Long Leaf Park

Tucked away in the peaceful nook of Long Leaf Park, you'll stumble upon this little gem that feels like your secret hideaway from the busy world outside. There's a cool playground where kids can run wild with joy, and plenty of wide-open spaces that just invite parents to kick back and enjoy some quality time with their little ones.

As a family photographer right here in Wilmington, NC, and I can tell you, this park's got that perfect, postcard-worthy charm. It's like it was made for capturing those special family moments and creating those memories that stick around.

So, why not come check out Long Leaf Park's enchantment, and let me, your friendly neighborhood family photographer in Wilmington, NC, snap some pictures that truly capture your family's love and connection?

Wilmington KOA Holiday

If you're traveling here in Wilmington and need a place to park your RV or want to have cabin style photos, then Wilmington KOA Holiday is definitely a place I'd consider photographing your family in.

I see a lot of potential in the cabins because of its woodsy, camping style of photoshoot. We may need permission to photograph there which doesn't take a lot.

Are you staying near the beach? Do you need a family photographer? or have a different location in mind?

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