A comprehensive list of 16 Locations to get engaged in around Wilmington, NC

Updated: April 26, 2022

I'm back at it again! We're adding The Airlie Gardens for places to do your engagement session!

Updated: March 11, 2022

Hi couples and coffee drinkers a like! I'm excited to add Fort Fisher to my list of places to do your engagement session!

Now that I am more acquainted in Wilmington, I've spotted more areas to suggest to photograph.

This is exciting for me because the more materials that I have, the more I become a better guide/photographer.

Bonus Tip: I've added links to full engagement sessions at the end of each location :)

You are welcome

Fort Fisher

Description: There's a boardwalk that takes you in between the grassy marsh land. Large rocks where the water breaks from the ocean. Plenty of Trees to photograph in the shade.

Suggestion: If there isn't any shade, its best to do your couples session during the golden hour/1 hour prior to sunset and blue hour.

Location: Google Maps

Sunrise and Sunset in Wilmington, NC in Summer: 6:59 AM - 8:22 PM (Jun 8, 2021)

Sunrise and Sunset in Wilmington, NC in Fall: 6:15 AM - 6:59 PM (as of September 28, 2021)

Sunrise and Sunset in Wilmington, NC in Winter: 7:14 AM - 5:06 PM (Dec 21, 2021)

Sunrise and Sunset in Wilmington, NC in Spring: 6:24 AM - 6:18 PM (Mar 13, 2021)


There's a yellow wooden boardwalk that takes you into the park which opens up to the marsh land. I have yet to find ideas how to photograph that one single tree just right to the side of it.

There's available parking at the historic site but it closes at 5PM. The best way to leave your car is right across the street.

It's completely free and able to stay until the sunset.

If you walk further south, you'll see cylindrical stumps made out of concrete and gravel

See my full gallery here!

Couples having a good time by wilmington photographer


  • "I Believe in Wilmington" Mural on Second Street
  • Nickelodeon Wall
  • The Riverfront
  • Historic District
  • Parking Decks
  • Dock Street
  • Alleyways and Cobblestone Streets

Description: Photographing downtown may look intimidating with people passing by, but it becomes really exciting, exploring the city's angles, anytime of the day is very liberating and can create beautiful results.

Suggestion: Schedule any time of day, I would suggest wearing something formal. Something that you wear for a high end restaurant. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

silhouette of couples by wilmington wedding photographer

Abbey Nature Preserve

Description: About 20 minutes Northeast from Downtown Wilmington is a nature preserve with lots of turning trees into oranges and a boardwalk that sits above the water and creates symmetry to your photos. I think it's the most beautiful place to photograph your engagement.

Location: Google Maps

Best time to photograph: Early morning, about 1 hour before sunrise, and late afternoon, 1 hour after the sunrise.

lesbian couples in Washington DC
wilmington lesbian couple engagement photographer

Greenfield Lake

Description: This may not look dreamy in midday, but the time that it actually does is when the sunrises and golden hour. In the morning, there are clouds that hover just above the lake creating a moody look to your photos. It's great to shoot in mid-october when the leaves are about to turn. Couples, please beware of the small alligators/crocodiles

Location: Google Maps

Best time to photograph: preferably early morning but anytime of day would work.

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Airlie Gardens

Description: Airlie Gardens features large beautiful trees that can create beautiful vignettes on your photos. There are plenty of shade during the day but beware that it may cause some sunspots around the face which may or may not appeal to you. This is the go to spots for many photographers and couples at any day of the week so you might run into another one while you're on the session. Please be mindful of the the flowers and grass when you go.

Location: Google Maps

Best time to photograph: anytime of day

Check out Anna and Matt's Gallery here!

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Satellite Bar

Description: I suggest grabbing a quick drink before and after the shoot. Tip the bartender, of course and ask them if you could grab a few shots in front of their bar. The area features lots of red bricked walls and olden windows.

Location: Google Maps

Best time to photograph: 1 hour before Sunset and 1 hour after Sunrise

classic car by wilmington photographer
classic car by wilmington photographer

Snow's Cut Park

Description: This park is located underneath the Carolina Bridge. According to google, this park may be closed. NPS says the park is open. Link here. When you're doing an engagement session, please be mindful of the people staying in RVs

Location: Google Maps

Best Time to Photograph: Could be great anytime of the day but like many shoots, early in the AM or 1 Hour Prior to sunset.

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Long Leaf Park

Description: Quite a busy park with kids running around. There is a pond on the south east end of the park which can be a great option early AM.

Location: Google Maps

Best Time to photograph: Very early in the AM, 1 HR before sunrise

gay couple holding hands by wilmington photographer
holding hands by wilmington photographer
gay couple kissing by wilmington photographer
jerry and sahin by wilmington engagement photographer

Shell Island Resort - North End Marshes of Wrightsville Beach

Description: There's a path/trail that will take you into a small inlet of water, unfortunately there isn't much shade around.

Location:Google Maps

Best Time to photograph: Very early in the AM, 1 HR before sunrise or sunset

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South End of Wrightsville Beach

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