Natural and Editorial Signature Edits

I don't have a 1-click preset or spend a ton of time editing one photo.

I work efficiently to give my clients their photos as they see their day and elevate them using Natural Style recipes.

If I find a gallery for a certain place or time appealing that is true to that of that venue, I'll save that edit and keep it so the next time a client asks for that same venue and time, I can replicate that edit.

However, if a client asks for a different style of editing and wants to match a theme of their choosing, I can work with their colors and style.

Golden Hour with no Shade into blue hour

Shade into blue hour

Golden Hour + Shade

Golden Hour

Lighting Conditions

Lighting conditions are very important during my sessions.

I usually time them at 5:30PM or 6:30PM and end at 8:00PM during the summer.

4:30PM - 5:00PM and end at 6:30PM after October 1

Overcast + No Shade

The Perfect Weather

Living on the coast, there are a ton of opportunities to see all kinds of weather conditions.

Blue skies may be one of them, but editing them to look like their taken at "Golden Hour" or warm is nearly impossible as the angle of the sun and the colors of the sky will be very hard to replicate.

Mid-day in Full Sun

Sunset and Blue Hour - Dark and Moody editing

Golden hour doesn't always spell out an entire hour. Sometimes there's just too much light, and the photos get overblown. I would always recommend the shade during our couples sessions. I like to continue the session at Blue Hour because the light isn't as harsh. This isn't always bad, but we'd have around 20 minutes before I couldn't photograph anymore.

Dark and moody at blue hour

Crushed black and shadow

This is a technique that many photographers develop when they start out because it creates a "vibe." At this point in my career, I really shouldn't be using it, but I like playing with fire.

Dark and Moody Edit

Crushed Shadows and Black

Imperfect or blurry photos

These are unintentional, and maybe a camera glitch. It creates this sort of anonymity, which I may or may not include in my client's final gallery.


Grain is just an added effect from post.

It only simulates old film.


Natural posing can be achieved through planning, direction, and vision.

First, I plan out my shots; I know what to photograph even before I click. Because of this, I can create variations of the photos to create a dynamic gallery.

Since I know what to photograph, the next step is giving directions. At the beginning of my photo shoot, I skim through my inspirations and translate them into our photoshoot. I'll give my clients names to those poses and use them for each location. All I really have to do is tell my clients to do X and they'll position themselves without losing time.

Lastly, the most important thing is vision. When you have the plan and direction, you know exactly how to follow up to the next pose. This is where my creativity comes in. I'll see our location, light, and the kind of posing for something that you'll absolutely love.


Posing heavily influences my editing style. For example, if its blue hour and the sun has gone down, it wouldn't make sense if I added warmth to my photos.

Luxury Experience

Having worked with countless models gives me the ability to give my clients a luxury experience. Because of this, my clients can focus on themselves, not the camera, avoiding awkwardness. My clients just follow my directions, hand placements, stances, and where to face or look at the camera.

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