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Beach Access 2

I love this place; it's my favorite location of all time. Even though the limited parking spaces and hotel options can be challenging, they play a huge role in getting the timing just right for a visit. Despite these minor inconveniences, the charm and appeal of this spot always draw me back. Also, because it's so far up the beach, people rarely go up here and explore.

Parking Spaces

Public Parking Spaces are limited to EXACTLY 27 spaces. Because of this it isn't packed with people. There is, however, a hotel next to the beach. But I've shot so many sessions during peak season that I haven't had any issues with the number of people (yet).

Shell Island Resort

The hotel next to Beach Access 2 holds a lot of people, however, they're not very busy during the week. I've only encountered one non-weekend wedding.

Weekends can be very hectic, however, it's best to arrive early so you can secure a parking spot.

North of Shell Island

If you go further north, you'll eventually end up in a big open space. When the tide is low, you can walk to pools of water. Which can be perfect for any artistic shots that you'd be interested in.

Tide Pools at Shell Island Resort

Perfect Angle of Light

North-West of Shell Island

When you go further into the walk, you'll find that there are grassy areas that separate the sand and the hotel. I love this because it's very un-Wrightsville like. I don't think many photographers go here because there isn't much to photograph here.

The sand is flat

When the water is low to the ground, you can find areas where you can walk about a minute from the shore and into the waves.

The sand is very flat

It works in most lighting conditions. I've photographed my clients here in the overcast.

Lighting Conditions at Shell Island

Clear blue skies at Golden Hour at Shell Island

Overcast at Golden Hour

Overcast before the storm at Golden Hour

Clear skies, using the dune to shade at Golden Hour

Golden and Blue Hour with a bit overcast

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