Wrightsville is a fantastic option to get engagement and family photos on the beach in North Carolina.

Here are 6 places to consider getting photos from:

  1. Beach Access 1 - North End
  2. Beach Access 2 - Shell Island Resort
  3. Jack Parker Beach - South End of Wrightsville Beach
  4. Blockade Runner Beach Resort
  5. Crystal Pier
  6. Johnnie Mercer Pier


  • There's also a Island Drive Park "mini" park which could be good photo op if you're up to the challenge.
  • There's no free parking on Wrightsville beach.
  • As of March 23, 2024, the parking fee is $6/hr from 9AM - 8PM. Here's a map of Parking Map at Wrightsville Beach
  • Also, I've noticed that there are a lot more meter maids. They've also upped the ticketing to $50.
wedding photos in Beach Access 1

Beach Access 1 - North End

This area is the most north end of Wrightsville Beach. I included this because you can get more time with regards to light because of it's wide open space, sand dunes, and sparse foot traffic.

How to get to the North End:

  • Turn left from Route 74 and drive up north, park at Beach Access 2 and walk about 15 minutes north.
  • There, you'll find a mailbox that you can write in with your partner or love ones.
  • Walk further up and hug the sand dunes on the left until you see sand dunes that are about 10-15 feet tall.
Beach access 2

Beach Access 2

This is the same route but I would stop just before the mailbox. It is still less foot traffic than most of Wrightsville Beach.

How to get to the North End:

  • Turn left from Route 74 and drive up north, park at Beach Access 2
Beach Access 2

Jack Parker Beach

Another area with sand dunes perfect for beach photos.

Blockade Runner Beach Resort

To gain access to the Blockade, you must be a paying customer get beautiful photos of their lawn and palm trees. I honestly find it very rare to have a garden wedding with a beach front anywhere else unless were somewhere very fancy.

If you're getting married here, I'd suggest planning with Detailed Event Visions or A Noble Events and Design

Crystal Pier

To gain access to the boardwalk, you'll need to be a paying customer here.

The post popular place to get photos here is under the bridge.

johnnie mercer pier

Johnnie Mercer Pier

I would highly recommend for couples requesting a pier/boardwalk on the beach either to propose and couples photos taken there.

To get here, you'll need to find parking in an already busy lot. Pay the cashier $2 to be able to enter the boardwalk/pier.

I would honestly, either take photos under the bridge, or recommend Beach Access 2.

Wedding and Bridal Photos at Wrightsville Beach

If you're considering getting married in Wrightsville Beach, there are 2 exceptional places I would highly consider.

  • Blockade Runner
  • Wrightsville Manor

These two are my dream wedding venues to photograph in. Luckily, I live about 15 minutes from them.

If you're getting married in 2024-2025 at any of these two Wedding Venues, I am offering 50% off towards your wedding photography package! Please fill out the form and mention this on your messages :)

Wrightsville Beach Photographer

wrightsville beach photographer

Hey ya'll! I'm Glenn wedding photographer based in Wilmington, NC. If you're looking for a wedding planner, I'd highly suggest Detailed Event Weddings by Devon and A. Noble Event and Designs.

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