Short Film Proposal

Yesterday, I strapped my dual camera holster with my primary portrait camera and my video camera. I wanted to photograph them with ease so, to do that, I would have to repeat my directions twice to get a video capture of the same shot that I photographed seconds before. Firstly, I would use my portrait camera, ask my clients something very simple and photograph them doing that. Next, I would dial similar setting on my X-T4 so that they re also doing the same thing on my video.

Zach and Colleen

Zach and Colleen were running a little late, but for proposals, we simply do not know how the day is going to unfold. Zach did the best he could to keep colleen from learning his escapade. As soon as she arrived, she finds me and my assistant doing a faux photoshoot. They walked past us and my model followed them just for a second before I walked behind them. Immediately, Zach got down on his right knee and proposed. Not bad Zach!


In order to create visually compelling images, you need the right tools for the job. The video below was taken with a Fujifilm X-T4. With its retro design and high sensitivity, the Fuji X-T4 is a perfect camera for capturing that vintage look. This video showcases just how well this processor works as it captures moments in slow motion with great detail!

To match the colors and style, I use the GFX50sII for my images.

Which is right for you?

Which one should you choose? Photos and videos can be a big part of your story, but there are many different types. Maybe photos will work best for capturing an event or lifespan project while video offers the versatility to capture moments in full detail like when someone smiles wide at their camera!

A photo is worth 1 thousand words - unless that's all we have left after our subject has passed away then they become priceless treasures so make sure it counts by choosing wisely because these images shall last forever if properly cared for.