Shoot Itinerary

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

Season: Fall

Evening Photoshoot

Editing Style: Natural

2 Outfits

90 minute session

2 Couples with their feet on the shore
Engagement ring
2 couples standing in carpet
couple lying down
couple kissing each other
couple kissing each other on the sand
guy holding her up
holding her up
smooching at the beach
what love looks like
holding her from behind
a ton of affection
theyre sitting down at the beach
couple sitting down at the beach
her hand in the pocket
what love looks like
shes kissing him
smiling on his neck
kissing while shes on the ledge
they're dog with them
red brick wall in black and white
puppy with them on an engagement
dog with engagement session
theyre happy holding each other
couple standing in the side of wilmington nc
couple holding each other in washington dc
couple walking with their dog in dc
newly engaged couple with dog in richmond va
couple holding dog for their engagement sesion
hes had his hands around her
they absolutely love each other
love birds in all black