If you're a photographer whose in their beginning stages of their business. One of the first things that they would encounter is driving traffic to their website.

Social media is at an all time high. Millennials are looking for their photographer to photograph their events, portraits, family session on Social Media. The upside is while instagram may have a ton to choose from, its very hard to stand out from the crowd.

Having a professional website already makes you an ideal candidate. But how do you drive traffic to your photography website?

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How to drive traffic to your website?

There are two ways to drive traffic to your wedding photography website. Organic and Paid Traffic.

Organic traffic is a visitor that checks out your website from content and acknowledgment. For example, social media, blogging, YouTube, referrals, and word of mouth are all organic traffic.

Paid traffic on the other hand, is paid, for example, boosting your post on instagram, advertisements that you see on Snapchat, Facebook, click games, etc.

In this blog we will be talking about blogs.

What is blogging and why is blogging important in your photography?

Blogging is not about writing your life, although, it can, rather, its about answering your ideal client's questions. I had a couple who frequently asked me about where to get engaged in Wilmington. I tell them my go-to places which are, St. James Episcopal Church, Wrightsville beach, Greenfield Lake.

This is the same thing with blogging. You answer as many questions as you can, in detail, then you will rank higher because you answered a common problem. The more you give, not only you'll receive twice from your work, but its also evergreen.

Here's what I mean. This next part is important.

How does blogging drive traffic to your website?

When a couple goes to google.com and asks a question, "[Your Niche] Photographers in Wilmington" or "Best places to propose in Raleigh" the page with the best answer comes up.

Here's what I mean.

screenshot of a google search example of why blogging is important

When I typed "How to get married in Wilmington" my page comes up first.

Why? because I answered a question.

This is good because I rank higher than any of the photographers in the area. Even photographers who have been here for decades.

With that being said, here are a list of Wedding Blog Ideas in 2024

Wedding Blog Ideas

  1. How to get married in [City, State] or [City] or [State]?
  2. Top 10 Places to Get Engaged in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  3. Best Wedding Venues in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  4. Top 11 Florist in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  5. 8 Wedding DJs in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  6. Top 7 Wedding Videographers in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  7. Top Wedding Planners in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  8. Eco-friendly Wedding Venues in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  9. Budget Friendly Wedding Venues in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  10. Boho Wedding Venues in [City, State] or [City] or [State]
  11. How to photograph Getting Ready?
  12. How to photograph a Wedding Ceremony?
  13. How to photograph a sparkler exit?
  14. Best Shot list Ideas in 2024?
  15. Proposal Ideas in 2024?

Not all blogs have to be a question

They can be information gathered from your experience as you grow as a photographer. Anything from the places, people or things you've photographed in, it can be cameras you've used, or that one wedding that didn't go so well that you have to blog about it.

From my experience from blogging for about a year, the most I had success from was answering the most simple questions, which was how to get married and top 15 places to get engaged.

80-20 Rule

Blogging is not end all be all. Actually 80% of the blogs I've written goes unnoticed by google. But 20% actually gave me good traffic that eventually led to high paying leads.

screenshot of google search console over 1 year

Does Blogging Work?

Blogging does work, sometimes. The metric above shows over 1 year of blogging. There are some months where it took off, and some months it didn't simply didn't because my niche is seasonal.

Between 12/24/2023 - 1/26/2024, things started to slow down, my colleagues aren't booking clients which is totally normal.

However, I am getting more clients engagements sessions which eventually lead to wedding clients.

Here's a few things that I've learned.

  1. You can't use AI, you can't beat human content with AI. My rankings actually slowed down when I did. So I removed a ton of my webpages, and lo and behold, I started ranking higher than previously recorded.
  2. Do not create similar content and keyword. Google will "shadow-punish" you if you plagiarize someone else's work. Even if you rewrite it, Google will know this somehow.
  3. Use 1-2 Keywords per article that you want to rank for. At least when you're creating your Headline, use one Keyword to create your blog.
  4. Use your photos sparingly, yes we're photographers, but no one cares about pretty photos until they do.
  5. When uploading your photos, use the best ones.
  6. Use Canva to create infographics. Google actually used an infographic image for the website.
  7. The best questions are short and simple. Answer it short and simple.
  8. Add something valuable in the end of the blog so that they'll leave their name and email for email drip marketing.

What to do after you blog?

Once you finish your blog, go to your Google Search Console and index it immediately. Google loves fresh content, especially from a website that constantly is pumping out new webpages. Sometimes, your blog gets picked up by another site, gaining you a backlink to your website.

The sooner it gets indexed, the sooner that you'll rank for keywords.

screenshot of a link being indexed

Other ways to get blog ideas

When you search or type anything on google, google will give you a list of questions. Questions that are relative and frequently searched for, which you can add to your blog. This is also called, "People Also Ask" Section.

I can pull out ideas from this and make my blog more valuable for my readers.

Can you make money writing blogs?

So, yes and no. There are blogs out there who make money doing adwords, where a writer would add google code to their site to allow ads to appear in their wedding blogs. I choose not to do this because I think it's annoying and it wont give my reader a better experience.

Certain blogs like, "how to get married in Wilmington" have booked me for their proposal session.

However, blogs like these are harder to make money from because I'm not selling a product that is valuable to my readers.

How do I write a wedding photography blog?

There are many ways you can write a blog. As long as you're providing VALUE, not created by AI, and easy to digest, its very easy to write one.

  1. Have an idea. Center your blog around that idea. I like to use Milanote to gather as much information as I can to high quality content.
  2. Your idea has to be unique and valuable. Ideas that are trending are hard to rank for. Google what makes sense in your local area and blog about it. Be an expert for that idea.
  3. Don't get carried away with SEO and keywords. I follow Google's rule, "EAT" Expertise, Authority, Trust. Do your due diligence to research before writing it. There's nothing worse than reading information that's incorrect.
  4. Start writing. Drink coffee or tea and get in the zone. It will take a while to get better at writing clear and concise ideas.
  5. Have a structure that makes sense.
  6. Make sure you provide valuable content in the end so that your reader can follow you or leave information about you.
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