Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Who is this for?
  3. What do I photoshop?
  4. Pricing
  5. What to expect?


Photoshop has been around for a while. I remember using this fun program in 2008 when I dabbled around photo manipulation. Copying and pasting odd objects into another photo, playing with 1 million colors, and even creating simple graphics for my local high school. In 2022, photoshop has monopolized the digital content creation.

In this Blog, we will talk about who this photoshop is for, what you expect from a clean photos, what my processes is, and pricing.

Who is this for?

Photoshop is an extension of my photography. With it I can manipulate the light, remove any blemishes, color correct, remove unwanted and distracting objects, and basically, clean the photo to make it look appealing to my viewer.

With that being said, I recommend photoshop after my engagement sessions, portrait, fashion and editorial session.

What do I photoshop?

  1. Gif
  2. Background Object Removal
  3. Removing Blemishes
  4. Adding hair to small bald spots, I will not add a full set of hair if my client is bald.
  5. Fixing and whitening teeth
  6. Clear eyes
  7. Removing people


Engagement, weddings sessions are $40 per image, starting with 10 images.

$35 per image for 20 images

$30 per image for 40 images

Portrait Sessions, Fashion, and Editorial are already built into my pricing.

What to expect?

An edit that comes with the packages are edits that fix the colors, temperature, exposure, tents, highlights, shadows, white, and black color photos.

Expected delivery is within 24 hours.