Camera Upgraded!

A few months ago, my camera had taken a hard fall during a wedding. (OOOFF) I remember everyone looking at me and the camera, moaning, and I thought it was the end of the world, but upon checking my SD card, thankfully the photos are secure. But the $5000 camera was GONZO. On that same day, I called up my insurance about filing a claim. This was my first time using my insurance and thankfully I had them, otherwise, it would've taken a huge loss on my part.

Today, I upgraded to my GFX50s II and it allows me to photograph Fine Art photos that are made for commercial work.

This time around, with an already weather proof casing, I will be providing extra steps to making sure that I don't get another loss.

  1. Thank you Lexar Professional 1667 for keeping my clients photos safe!
  2. Thank you Full Frame Insurance for covering my ass
  3. Thank you Fujifilm for a smooth transaction

Fantasy Fest 2022

Thats right, I will be traveling to Fantasy Fest 2022, I've got my tickets and rooms booked! If you're ever around and need a photoshoot, let me know!

Storage Upgrade

I've added a 12TB of space. More raw photos!

New Home Page

Some how the previous style wasn't working for me. I will add a bio for Sydney. Johnathon as well. So stay tuned!

Capturing Memories

More About Me
Glenn - The Lead Photographer

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My name is Glenn, Lead Photographer and Owner of Pink Penguin Studios. If you're interested to try my new GFX camera, give us a call 240-870-0261 or email at or fill out my contact below!