How to Pick the Right Photographer

Choosing your photographer is overwhelming. Here's how to do it.

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Wondering how to pick the right photographer to capture your big day? Let's go!

Infographic of Wedding Photography Styles Created by Glenn Guiao

What's Your Style?

Think about the photos you love. Candid moments? Classic poses? Decide your favorite style – it'll guide you to the right photographer.

Traditional or Classic

This style involves posed photographs of the couple, their families, and the wedding party. It's timeless and focuses on capturing key moments and formal portraits.

Photojournalistic or Documentary

This approach is more candid and less posed, aiming to capture spontaneous or unplanned moments. It tells a story of the day as it naturally unfolds.

Fine Art

Fine art wedding photography is about creating visually stunning, artistic images. These photos often have a dreamy, romantic feel, with an emphasis on composition, lighting, and background.

Contemporary or Modern

This style is more fashion-forward and can include unusual angles, creative framing, and bold color schemes. It’s often influenced by editorial fashion photography.


Lifestyle photography is a blend of traditional and photojournalistic styles. It's somewhat candid, but with some direction and styling to achieve a certain look or mood.


This style aims to evoke a feeling of a bygone era, often using editing techniques that mimic old film, with washed-out colors and a retro feel.

Black and White

While not necessarily a standalone style, some photographers specialize in, or are particularly skilled at, black and white photography, which can add a timeless and dramatic effect.


If you love the look of images in magazines, this might be your style. It’s polished, styled, and typically involves more dramatic lighting and poses.

Natural Light

This style focuses on using natural light rather than artificial lighting. It's popular for outdoor weddings and gives a soft, organic feel to the images.

Adventurous or Destination

For couples who are having a wedding in an exotic or unique location, or who want to incorporate adventurous elements in their wedding photography.

Infographic of Wedding Photography Styles Created by Glenn Guiao


Photographers have different price tags. Figure out what you can spend and keep this in mind as you search.

Entry-Level Budget ($500 - $1,500):

  • Ideal for small or intimate weddings.
  • May include less experienced photographers or part-time professionals.
  • Limited hours of coverage (e.g., 4-6 hours).
  • Basic packages, usually digital photos only.

Mid-Range Budget ($1,500 - $3,000):

  • Common for average-sized weddings.
  • More experienced photographers with a good portfolio.
  • Extended coverage (e.g., 6-10 hours).
  • May include additional services like an engagement shoot or a second shooter.

Higher-End Budget ($3,000 - $5,000+):

  • Suitable for larger weddings or those wanting comprehensive coverage.
  • Highly experienced photographers with a distinctive style.
  • Full-day coverage, possibly including rehearsal dinner or next-day shoot.
  • Often includes extras like albums, multiple shooters, special editing, etc.

Luxury Budget ($5,000 - $10,000+):

  • For high-end weddings, often with well-known photographers.
  • Extensive coverage including pre-wedding events, full wedding day, and additional sessions.
  • Customized services, superior quality albums, and prints.
  • Possible destination wedding coverage.

Destination Wedding Budget (Varies Widely):

  • Includes travel and accommodation costs for the photographer.
  • Pricing depends on location, duration, and package details.


Got a friend who recently tied the knot? Ask them for photographer suggestions. Online reviews and wedding forums are also great for honest opinions.

Infographic of Wedding Photography Budget Created by Glenn Guiao


What to look for in their work

  1. It's always a good sign if they've worked with Family before because you can kind of get a jist on how they work with your family and guests(this is hard to capture because no one likes to be on camera)
  2. See if they have individual portraits of people(easier to capture one on one but it's really not necessary)
  3. Do you see yourself in their work?

Meet and Greet

Chat with a few photographers. Do you click with them? Do they understand your vision? It's important you feel comfortable with them.

Check Their Work

Take a good look at their previous weddings. Do their photos make you smile? That's a good sign!

Contract Details

Read their contract carefully. Make sure you're clear on what you're getting, how long they'll be there, and what it all costs.

Ready to find the one who'll capture your memories? Take your time, trust your gut, and have fun with it. Remember, these photos will be your keepsakes for a lifetime.

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