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Let's take a moment to appreciate the infographic u/Wargflow made about their California Wedding.

First off, I love the breakdown for all of this:

Source: Reddit | u/bigdogsayswoof

Total Cost: $61,474

Venue: $37,276

  • Food/Open Bar (104 Guests): $16,120
  • Venue (Staff, Location): $9,485
  • Service Charge: $6,238
  • Sales Tax: $2,548
  • Ceremony + Officiant: $1,495
  • Late Night Food: $624
  • Security Guard: $350
  • Vendor Meals: $280
  • Credit Card Fee: $135

Photographer: $4,681

Videographer: $4,300

Florist: $3,190

Wedding Rings: $2,529

DJ/MC: $2,100

Event Decorations: $1,016

Gratuity: $1000

Lyft Vouchers For Guests: $402

Bride: $3,960

  • Dress and Alteration: $2,253
  • Hair and Make Up: $1,288
  • Accessories: $419

Groom: $854

  • Suits and Alterations: $749
  • Others(Shoes, Belt, Etc.): $105

Source: Reddit | u/izvzl

"As someone who works in data and is planning a wedding in California, THANK YOU FOR THIS" says u/izvzl

Source: Reddit | u/g4brown & u/Mommy4dayz

"My California 2015 Wedding cost us $65k and the honeymoon another $13K" says, u/Mommy4dayz.

"Our CA wedding for 110 guests was $61K too." says, u/g4brown

2 more confirming cost of their wedding in California.

Source: Reddit | u/rayyychul

"If you live in a HCOL area, it just....is." u/rayyychul

Source: Reddit | u/hot_tamale

"Our CA Wedding in a HCOL area in 2017 was also $60k with expenses broken out similarly. 120 guests" says u/hot_tamale

Source: Reddit | u/Helpful_Fan_3110

"It's WILD to me that food is one of the cheapest things" say u/Helpful_Fan_3110

$16,150 was OP's budget. That sounds about right in Wilmington, NC

Source: Reddit | u/Seaniospaghettio

"Finally someone who's realistic and transparent about costs! Thanks for sharing this!" u/Seaniospaghettio

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