A few years ago, I sat down with my mom and while scrolling through my phone. I showed her a photo from when we lived in the Philippines. I was 7 or 8 years old then but each time I came to visit, I would bring up a photo album. She told me stories from when life was a lot simpler. It sparked a tremendous nostalgia about my aunts and uncles, the bare tricycle paths on the road, my neighbors and my cousins that I grew up playing with. She enjoyed telling me stories about how I almost drowned twice or how often I get into trouble with other kids in our small village. She also would see her sister that passed recently and ask what she had remembered back then.

This is why I do photography. It’s fleeting and romantic, I can travel to the past and recollect hundreds of thousands of memories.

What makes me different from other photographers?

I am absolutely, 100% dedicated to my craft. I like to explore new ways to photograph my subjects. My editing style is natural tones in respect to the color of the light during the day.

What services do I provide?

  • Ultra-high resolution quality prints
  • Digital files, photo albums
  • Docu-feature films and trailers
  • Engagement session
  • Bridal session
  • Creative planning

Behind the camera, I provide direction in posing, lighting, props, and a creative team. On the phone, we will go over the best times to photograph your ceremony, which I can collaborate with your wedding coordinator, and we will create a comprehensive list for the people that you want during your family portrait. On the computer, I will be managing the project behind the scenes, editing your photos and videos, creating photo albums, and sending test prints to a printing company.


I give my clients 100% of my attention, customizing small details about your wedding. I provide peace of mind by having a centralized project program as a one-stop-shop for all of their needs. You’ll be able to see when your sessions will be, when the photos will be due, payment dates, our consultation notes, a vendor’s list, you’ll be able to add notes, and see the timeline. Everything will be at your fingertips.

LGBTQ+ Welcome

by wilmington wedding and portrait photographer
Inclusivity and Equanimity

As a part of the LGBTQ community, I welcome couples from all walks of life. No matter if your Black and/or Asian, gay and/or lesbian couple, White or Native American, I believe that everyone deserves to be loved.

Art Gallery



This is my most ambitious 6-year art project, that conveys my relationship to the world. South American street photography, Black Lives Matter, Editorial Portraitures, and tasteful abstracts.

by wilmington wedding and portrait photographer