How I Back Up My Client's Data

3 Different ways to Store Photos and Videos

I shoot thousands of photos each month with data that can reach up to 60MB per photo. That's about 80-90 gigabytes of data per wedding! And about 200-400GB per month.

I am on the go most of the time and my laptop is on me almost 24/7. While laptops can only hold so much storage that even the highest specs on them will eventually force me to buy an external hard drive.

Flash drives are very portable but are slow and can only hold as much as 500GB and they can easily be misplaced.

Here are 3 different ways that I use to store your data if you ever lose your USB or Link to your Online Gallery.

  1. Google Drive
  2. Offline Hard Drive
  3. Pixieset Gallery

Google Drive

This is a very popular choice for many photographers as its a click-and-drag motion that can store Terabytes of storage.


The fantastic thing about this is when you hold an Enterprise Level Subscription on Workspace with Google Drive, they supply an unlimited amount of space.

This also gives me the ability to own my domain and website, add a google voice phone number, and the best part of all, is that you can have it readily available at any computer within minutes. Their upload and download speed is amazing as well.


When downloading a large folder, full of items, say 500GB, google splits them into different zip files which can be a hassle. Because if one zip file doesn't download, the entire zip does not work.

Offline Hard Drives

Hard Drives are another popular option for photographers. I use both Google Drive and Hard Drives to back up online galleries and offline galleries so I know that if anything happens to whichever gallery, I am covered on both ends.

Pros: Top speed downloading, has the ability to store up to 16 TB of storage per commercial grade hard drive. It's a one-time payment which puts ease of mind.

Cons: Hard drives can be knocked over, are prone for disks to malfunction, and are very expensive.

Pixieset Gallery

I enjoy having a Pixieset Gallery because they store an unlimited amount of data but are LIMITED to using Jpeg.

Pros: I can easily link my Pixieset Gallery to my clients, can build a website for them, and is a one-stop-shop place for clients to download, share, and print.

Cons: sometimes it can be finicky but can add manual instructions for clients if they need help. Are limited to uploading Jpeg.

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