Congratulations y'all! I'm so hyped that y'all are getting married!

How do you get married in Norfolk, Virginia?

Here's your checklist.

  1. Fill out a Marriage License Application
  2. Schedule an Appointment with Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk's Office; 757-664-4175
  3. Bring a Valid Photo ID
  4. Provide Social Security Number(Paystub, W-2, and Tax forms work)
  5. Pay the $30 Fee
  6. Hire an officiant
  7. Attend and complete your ceremony
  8. Congrats, you're officially married!

How to get a marriage license in Norfolk?

First, you'll need to schedule an appointment at Circuit Court Clerk's office in Norfolk.

What to bring:

  • Complete a Marriage License Application

Start online or complete in person at the Public Access Terminals in the Customer Waiting Area.

  • Valid Photo IDs

Passport, military ID, driver’s license, or another government-issued photo ID.

  • Social Security Number

Paystubs, W-2, Tax forms are accepted.

  • Fees

$30 (Cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa).


  • Both parties must be present to obtain a marriage license.
  • Both must be at least 18 years old, unless a minor has been emancipated by court order. An emancipated minor must provide a certified copy of the order of emancipation.

Apply at:

Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk's Office

150 St. Paul’s Blvd, 7th Floor, Norfolk, VA 23510

Phone: (757) 664-4175

Wedding Ceremonies

You can get married in two ways; in at the Courthouse or hire an officiant.

Getting married in a Norfolk Courthouse

Norfolk has a Marriage Commissioner available during business hours to perform the ceremony for a fee of $50 (cash only).

Hiring an officiant

You can hire an officiant to perform your ceremony, anywhere in Virginia. You can elope on a beach, wedding venue or a low key backyard wedding.

Frequently asked questions


Yes, but the number depends on where you have your wedding.

  • Inside the courthouse: Only a couple of guests are allowed, and no photographs are allowed inside.
  • Outside in the courtyard or another location: You can have family and friends by your side, and wedding photography is allowed outside.


  • Absolutely! Photography is not allowed inside the courthouse, but you can take photographs outside before or after the ceremony. If you choose to get married outside in the courtyard, the photographer can capture your ceremony as well.


  • What to wear: Wear something that makes you feel amazing, whether it's casual outfits or traditional wedding clothes.
  • Add some personal touches: Consider a bouquet of flowers, special jewelry, or writing personal vows.

Happy planning!