Wilmington Family Photographer
Wilmington Family Photographer
Wilmington Family Photographer

Are you tired of stiff, posed family photos that lack the warmth and authenticity you cherish?

I'm Glenn, your dedicated family photographer, and I'm here to share some valuable tips on how to capture those precious candid moments during family photoshoots.

Let's explore the magic of genuine family interactions and the importance of creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Family Photo Blog: A Guide to a Relaxed Family Session

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The Importance of Authenticity

Family photos are more than just snapshots; they're a reflection of the love, connection, and unique dynamics within your family. Candid moments, free from forced smiles and rigid poses, often become the most treasured keepsakes.

Here's how you can make those moments come to life.


To capture authentic family moments, it all begins with building a rapport.

I take the time to get to know your family's personalities, interests, and relationships before the photoshoot.

This helps everyone feel comfortable and allows me to connect with you on a deeper level.

Wilmington Family Photographer


Choosing the right location is crucial for a successful family photoshoot.

Whether it's a natural outdoor setting, your cozy home, or a favorite spot, it should be a place where your family can relax and be themselves.

Natural light, like the gentle glow of the golden hour, adds warmth and depth to your photos.

Wilmington Family Photographer


During the photoshoot, I strive to be unobtrusive. Using a longer lens, I can capture intimate moments from a distance, allowing your family to interact naturally without feeling self-conscious. The result? Authentic, unposed photographs that tell your unique story.


To increase the chances of capturing spontaneous expressions and interactions, I use continuous shooting mode.

This enables me to snap a series of shots in quick succession, ensuring we don't miss a single heartfelt moment.


Candid moments often hide in the details – a shared laugh, a tender embrace, or a knowing glance.

I keep a watchful eye on these small yet significant elements, as they are the essence of your family's story.


Sometimes, the most candid moments arise during play and interaction. I may suggest activities or games that your family can enjoy together. These not only create genuine moments but also infuse a sense of fun and relaxation into the photoshoot.


In candid photography, emotions are the stars of the show. Whether it's joy, tenderness, laughter, or even a tear, these raw emotions are what make your family's story truly special.


Candid moments can be fleeting, so I exercise patience and keen observation. Anticipating moments before they happen, I ensure that no heartfelt interaction goes unnoticed.


After the photoshoot, I meticulously select and edit the candid shots. The editing process enhances the colors, contrast, and clarity while preserving the authenticity of the moment. The goal is to enhance the beauty of the moment without losing its candid feel.


In summary, capturing candid moments during a family photoshoot is all about creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where genuine interactions can unfold naturally. My role is to document your family's unique story, and your job is to enjoy the beautiful moments that make your family special. Together, we'll create a collection of heartfelt and timeless photographs that you'll cherish for generations to come. The true beauty of candid photography lies in its ability to freeze genuine moments in time, preserving the love and connections within your family.