Are you and your partner looking to add a bold twist to your engagement photos in Wilmington? Look no further! Today, we're diving into how to achieve that edgy vibe for your engagement session. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your photos stand out with a unique, daring style.


Guys and Girls: The key to nailing the edgy look lies in your wardrobe choices. Opt for chic, all-black attire to set a strong, cohesive tone.

Top Tip: Choose fitted clothing to add a sleek, modern silhouette.

Blazers and Jackets: Men can go for a sharp black blazer or a trendy bomber jacket. Women can also rock a fitted blazer or opt for a leather jacket for that extra punch of attitude.

  • Bottoms: Stick with black pants. Skinny jeans or tailored trousers work perfectly for both guys and girls.
  • Accessories: Consider bold, statement pieces like chunky belts, dramatic necklaces, or studded boots to complete the look.


First Location: Brooklyn Arts Center

  • Scene Set-Up: We start our photo journey at the Brooklyn Arts Center where the red-bricked backdrop adds a vintage yet bold touch to your photos.
  • What to Expect: We'll explore various angles around the church, using the textured walls and large windows as dramatic elements in our shots.

Second Location: St. James Episcopal Church

  • Scene Set-Up: Next, we head to St. James Episcopal Church, known for its grand architecture.
  • Key Shots: The large church doors provide a majestic and somewhat gothic feel to your engagement photos, perfect for that edgy aesthetic.

Third Location: Wrightsville Beach Access 1

  • Timing Is Key: Make sure to plan this stop when it’s low tide to take advantage of the lush green grassy fields.
  • Sunset Magic: The open skies and natural lighting at sunset will ensure your photos have a breathtaking quality.


  • Start Time: 6:00 PM
  • End Time: 7:45 PM
  • Golden Hour Glow: Scheduling your shoot to end during the late afternoon ensures you capture that soft, warm glow of sunset, which contrasts beautifully with the sharp, edgy themes of your outfits and locations.

By following this guide, you'll not only have a fun and exciting engagement photo session but also end up with uniquely stunning images that reflect your personality and style. Remember, engagement photos are a fantastic way to capture your relationship in a moment of time, so make it count with a style that speaks to you!

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Other tips!

Here's some additional tips to consider for achieving those standout, edgy engagement photos:


  • Be Bold: Instead of traditional poses, try dynamic, unconventional stances. Think about interacting with the environment, like leaning against walls, sitting on steps, or even playful, movement-filled poses.
  • Connection is Key: Focus on the connection between you two. A glance here, a whisper there — these candid moments often capture the essence of your relationship and add a raw, emotional edge.


  • Contrast and Shadows: Utilize harsh lighting or shadows to create more dramatic effects. A stark contrast between light and dark can add a mysterious vibe to your photos.
  • Backlighting: Using the sun as a backlight can create a beautiful silhouette effect, emphasizing form and posture over detail.


  • Personal Touch: Bring props that mean something to you as a couple or match your personalities. This could be anything from a vintage motorcycle for some shots on the road to a beloved pet that adds a fun and personal element to your photos.
  • Theme-Specific Items: For an edgy theme, think about including graffiti spray cans if you’re near street art, or even musical instruments if you share a love for music.


  • Experience Matters: Make sure your photographer is experienced in shooting the style you're going for. They should be comfortable with dynamic compositions and creative lighting techniques. We've got you covered!
  • Vision Alignment: Discuss your vision in detail with your photographer. Ensure they understand the vibe you're aiming for and can suggest additional creative ideas.


  • Embrace the Elements: Overcast or even rainy weather can add a dramatic flair to your photographs, enhancing the edgy theme with natural filters and moodier skies.


  • Edgy Edits: In the editing process, consider styles that enhance the mood. High-contrast, black and white, or even desaturated color palettes can transform a regular photo into something extraordinarily edgy.