Introduction - Wedding Photography

Weddings is just like taking a class without getting a syllabus. There are many things that are in play and can hit you at every moment. I understand how much work that goes into it.

We hear from our friends and relatives what it was like and it can go in many different ways. but the most common words that I hear are;

"Magical, everything that we ever hoped for!"

"Stressful and wouldn't do it again"

For some, this is one thing that they've always wanted to tackle and get it over with.

Wedding photography is the most important item in your list. Photographs are of the few that will keep the fire, and give a constant reminder of what it was like on your big day. Flowers will wilt, venues will close, DJs will be forgotten, and dresses will be ruined. But Photographs will stay. Photographs are the ones that increases ownership value over time. Thats why Photography is so expensive because making sure that your wedding is covered on your day is literally expensive. There's no sugar coating it.

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photography is Expensive(Brutally Honest Answers)

Let's go over this.

  • Because covering a photographer for a year is expensive. You're essentially making sure that they have a roof over their heads for an entire year. They make sure that their gears are safe and are able to perform their duties on the day of your wedding. Why are some photographers work for cheap?(see the next question)
  • Cameras are expensive. A photographer can spend between $3-6,000 in cameras alone.
  • All cameras have a shelf life. They can break down in the middle of the wedding which can happen.
  • Marketing ads: some photographers pay $700/month in ads to reach potential clients
  • Upkeep, Website, Equipment, Car Maintenance, Subcontractors(Second Photographers), Prints, Albums, Frames, etc.

Should I hire someone cheap?

FULL DISCLAIMER: I don't want to bash other photographers because this is how I started that way as well.

Absolutely! You can hire cheaper photographers if you're on a budget.

You can find them in Weddingwire, The Knot, Thumbtack, Yelp, Facebook. These photographers can offer very cheap photography because Wedding Photography is an extremely competitive niche.

But there are other reasons to be aware of

  • A side gig
  • It's a quick and easy way to make money
  • Have cheap and malleable cameras
  • Inexperienced uses presets
  • Unreliable as offering cheap photography is NOT sustainable

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

Pink Penguin Motto

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I want to give you an idea what Pink Penguin Studios is about.

  • I love weddings. I breathe, eat, sleep on Weddings. I love the designer gowns, fit tuxedos on men, the red bricked fire houses, grapevine winery turned wedding venues. I love hearing the vows. I am ALWAYS IN TEARS. I've never heard one where I am completely oblivious to hearing someone talk about their love for each other. The only time when I don't is the only time when I know I am quitting this job.
  • I care about my couples. How do i show this? Transparency. Time. Teach. I want to be transparent to my couples so that a year from now, they know what they're getting out of hiring me. Time is very important to my couples. There are hundreds of vendors on Weddingwire, The Knot, and the World Wide Web. I want to give as much information as I can because we all have a very busy life. Teach, there are hundreds of photographers and frankly they all look the same, we can only go off their pricing and packages. I am not gonna lie, photography is like a bakery. Most bakeries smell the same. But if there's one certain pastry that they have, that's the way to go for. I'm here to help you find that one special pastry!
  • I hire only the best second photographers. Ones who can anticipate the kiss, find the most flattering angles, and know etiquette about wedding photography
  • I put an incredible amount of time in my craft. I know that every photographer does. But since I am only limiting my number of weddings I take in each year,

Cheat Sheet - Keeping it Simple

This is it! Thank you so much for reading this far.

I want to give you as much information as I can; I want to provide you with a cheat sheet so that way everything falls into place on your Wedding Day just the way you wanted.

The solution is in step 2*

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer
Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer

Cheat sheet

3 Steps to getting headache free wedding

Step #1

Clarity Consultation

AKA 15 minute phone-call. We will go over the general details about your wedding. The number of hours you'll need me, what you want in your photo albums, type of style, logistics, second photographers, etc.

This is a very easy, No-Commitment Consultation

We want to make sure that you love my photography and what I offer to the table.

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer
Step #2

Start a Project Management

You have a TON of stuff to do, not just in the wedding universe but also in every day routine.

What this is, is the best way to keep track of your contracts, projects, to make sure that you don't have to worry about anything. We will go over what we've talked about. Remember transparency? This is it. All of your dates, vendors, big and small notes, booking, I'll keep receipts from every phone call we have for consistency.

Wilmington NC Wedding Photographer
Step #3

Contract and Payments

Once everything is taken care of, we'll send you your contract and invoice where you can pay by card. The non-refundable downpayment is $500. If you'd like to pay upfront to get this over with, you can.

Do you have any questions?

Fill out our contact form below to get you response within 24 hours.

Editorial and Fine Art Photographer

To my absolutely lovely couples!

My name is Glenn, I am a wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Wilmington, NC. Born in the Philippines. Migrated here in 1999. Traveled to 38 States, 26 Countries, fluent in 3 languages. I was a Med Lab Tech turned pro in 2017.

I am a living breathing dragon. Cafe Dweller, Netflix Binger, and Home Cook

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