Wedding Venue List

As a wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of photographing some of the most beautiful wedding venues, parks, hotels in the world. From rustic barns to luxury resorts, no two venues are the same. Each one offers its own unique character and charm for couples to take advantage of. Here, I will share some of my favorite wedding venues that I’ve had the pleasure of working at over the years. 

West Coast

Las Vegas, NV

  • Bellagio Hotel
  • Venetian Hotel
  • Caesar's Palace
  • El Dorado Desert
  • Six Rainbow Mountain - Gallery Here

Red Rock National Park, Las Vegas, NV - Gallery Here

Yosemite National Park, CA

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT - Gallery here

Malibu, California

LA, California

Tempe, Arizona -

Wilmington, NC