Dear Savannah and Nestor,

Congratulations on your engagement! I wanted to give you guys in-depth info so that you can check off “the photographer” on your checklist. I was extremely honored to photograph Jesse’s wedding, now yours. I had a lot of fun then, and now, here you guys are, tying the knot. And Jesse doing me a solid. NICE. 

I hope you guys find some time to read this as I’ve written it with my best foot forward.

Thank you for your consideration!

Table of contents:

  1. Collections and Pricing
  2. What do these Packages mean to you
  3. How payments work
  4. Why consider me as your photographer
  5. The Booking Process
  6. After booking with me
  7. Months before the wedding
  8. On the day of the wedding
  9. Delivery
  10. FAQ

Pricing & Packages


Manilla Collection

For the quarter day (approximately 4 hours or less)
Session + Editing + Online Gallery
Small Print Pack

1 / 4

2. What do these packages mean to you?

The Manila and Lima Collections are four and six-hour photo coverages that call for something simple. These are for my couples who want to stay within budget while maintaining the same quality and attention I give my clients from my higher-end packages—with similar photographic style and editing + an online gallery.

The Venetian and Paris Collections are six-hour to eight-hour photo coverages that are built for my couples who are looking for something much more than just digital files. Prints, engagement session, photo albums, a second photographer are for those who want to make sure that their day is taken precisely with as much coverage as they wish. 


3. How my payments work

Upon signing your contract, first, the retainer will be due($1000), which will cover only the booking date.

Monthly installments are available and are divided by the number of months.

For example:

Venice Collection ($6200) minus the deposit ($6200-$1000= $5200)/maxiumum installments(4)

         $1300 per transaction

Number of months before wedding date(15) divided by the maximum installments(4)

         3-4 months

Therefore, your recurring payments are $1300 per transaction every 3-4 months.

This means,

$1000 Deposit upon booking

$1300 +/- 1 week September 20, 2022

$1300 +/- 1 week December 20, 2022

$1300 +/- 1 week April 20, 2022

$1300 +/- 1 week August 20, 2022

+ travel fee

         $6200 + travel fee

The last payment(plus any travel fees) is due one month before your wedding.

4. Why hire me as your photographer?

Well, you could hire a photographer weeks before your wedding, that'll save time, money, and probably stress. But that's a huge myth and a recipe for disaster.

The thing is, between the time now and the wedding, you'll probably be on Instagram and Pinterest every day, looking for a photographer, drooling on someone else happily ever after. It's like your endless window shopping, which is, in my buying experience, excruciating.

If you book late, it’s less likely that any good photographers would be available weeks or months before the wedding. The good ones are scarce because weekends are usually around the time couples book their wedding. Some of my clients had done this weeks prior; of course, I made a pretty good impression, but most of the materials I took had been her stressing about, which showed in her photos. Her eyes weren’t on the camera; she yelled at her bridesmaids to make sure they needed to be at a particular place and time. As a result, she added stress to everyone at the party.

Now, if you’d like to hire a family friend, that’s cool too. But they might get distracted by the party and may miss anticipating the patterns in weddings; the moment when you kiss(or before it), when someone makes a joke and someone laughs, a time when you cry, or when you’re happy. Again, I’m not bashing anyone, but I’ve read some horror stories about clients who chose a family friend. Plus, the gear may not be as reliable as the pros currently have.

[If there’s one sales phrase I’m gonna throw out, it’s this.] Hire me because this is my full-time job. Photography means everything to me, from how I first learn about my clients, to the wedding day, portrait sessions. But because I live and breathe photography, I can constantly learn and grow, which only serves my clients better. I’m super passionate and practically IN LOVE with it. 

So here's the gist of the ENTIRE experience with me.

5. The Booking process

The booking process is super easy. Since we know that we haven't gotten an exact time for the wedding, you can expect flexibility on my end. I can keep the time open. That way if there are any changes, or if certain things don’t go as they planned, I can come in at your convenience. (I am always prepared for things to go wrong, so you don’t have to worry about me!) Unlike other vendors where they'll need to open-close up shops. Think of me as your close family photographer friend, but with super powerful cameras, with you 24/7, super reliable, almost like Batman’s Alfred.


- Deposit is $1000

- I can provide up to 4 installments which are divided by the total number of months

- The process will be done through a super reliable CRM called Honeybook. It’s essentially a bookkeeping system for photographers. Any emails, replies, project changes, etc., will be uploaded there so I won’t miss a call, text, etc.


Contracts sometimes are pretty intimidating. But I can assure you, there are no fine prints on mine. We can go over it if you'd like. They're pretty simple,

  • Don't sell the photos I give you 
  • You are responsible for any permission for the state and national parks, hotels, private buildings, govt. buildings, etc. If we do not get permission, I reserve the right to cancel without any refunds, a retainer is non-refundable 
  • Partial refunds are only available if you’ve canceled 90 days before the event. If you choose to refund, the retainer will be kept($1000), the 4 installments will be refunded. 
  • I require to wear my mask to prevent the spread of covid. 
  • Do not slander(indemnify) my name or Pink Penguin Studios on social media. 
  • You can choose to edit specific photos but they are extra. 
  • I archive your photos for up to 4 years. You will be notified if the time is up. Anything later than 48 months, they are removed from my hard drive. 
  • You can request to redownload your photos from the archives; it; is $150. 

6. After booking with me

We can go ahead and schedule a date and time for your engagement photos.

Over the next coming months, I'll check up on you guys to see how you guys are doing, we can even find framing for your photos or customized leather heirlooms for your photo albums.

You can also update your program or itinerary with me; we can do it via text or phone call to catch up(9 times out of 10, we will be super busy with our daily lives).

Send me some inspiration of what you want your photos to look like. I’ll try to get the same feeling, to the best of my ability.

Everything will be archived through Honeybook.

7. Months before the wedding

About 3-6 months before the big day, I will have my plane ticket, a place to stay, etc. I’ll confirm the itinerary. I would also have set up an online gallery, reread up on the venues, make sure my gear is properly working and are sharp AF. Anything that I need to rent out, lighting, stands, etc. I also hire my second for the date and time to cover getting ready and the ceremony.

Days before the wedding, I’ve already packed my bags and text you that I’m all locked and loaded.

I arrive a day or two before the ceremony.

Check-in at the hotel, Uber to pick up the rental gear, head to the Venue for rehearsals, head back to my hotel after.

8. On the day of the wedding

I arrive 1 hour early to talk to the wedding coordinator where I can place my lighting, gear, etc. I'd get a couple of photos of the decorations, flowers, flat lays, etc. Follow through the program, ceremony, reception, exit, and have a couple of beers with Jesse and the homies, then go back to the hotel, return gear, back up my stuff, head home.

From there, I'll let you know I had an awful time, the chicken was dry, and there was no chocolate fondue set. I’m kidding, the cake wasn't ice cream(again, im kidding lol.)

9. Delivery

First, off your proofs, I'll send them to you about 3-4 weeks after the wedding. They will be delivered via an online gallery and downloaded for your content viewing. After that, you can either do a self-serve of printing the photos or create a favorite list where I can print them from a printing company and send them to you via snail mail.

Any request to photoshop is an additional $25 per photo.

My most favorite asked questions.


How many photos do you provide?


What is your name, again?


Do you provide videography?

Yes, I provide a ceremony video in all of my packages that are about 15-20 minutes long, uncut, unedited.

Docufilms start at $1800 for 10 minutes, $2400 for 15 minutes, edited summary + added audio lav.

Where are you from?


When will I get my photos back?

Editing time 3-4 weeks, with video 4-6 weeks


If there is one thing that I hope you take away from this, it’s this, Wedding Photography is my job, and I take my job personally.

Thank you so much for making it this far.


How do I book a shoot?

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How many images will I receive?

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Where are you based?

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What is your turnaround time?

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What gear do you use?

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