NC Proposal Photographer

Fast | Easy | Discreet

That's how proposal photography should be!

The Process


  1. Fill out the form
  2. Choose a package
  3. Sign an agreement and complete an invoice


  1. Arrive on location
  2. Set up camera
  3. Wait for you to propose


  1. Edit your photos
  2. Deliver via email + link
  3. EZ PZ

Proposal Photography Form

Recent Proposal + Engagement Session

4K Proposal Video Clip

Proposal Photographer

Hi, I'm Glenn!

I'm glad you're here. I know how exciting it is to finally propose to your best friend.

Proposals is like being on a quest

You're finding THEE ring, asking for blessings, setting up an alibi, venue or location, and someone to document the your biggest proposal of your life.

Let's get started!

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Pricing & Packages

Proposal Package


Proposal Package


- 60 Min Proposal Session
- Standard Edited Photos
- Unlimited Download
- Online Gallery
- Print Store

Hell Yes! Package


Hell Yes! Package


- 60 Min Proposal Session
- 30 Min Engagement Session
- Standard Video Clip
- High Res Photos
- Individually Edited
- Unlimited Downloads
- Online Gallery
- Printing Rights

The All-In Package

Call for info

The All-In Package

Call for info

- 60 Min Proposal Session
- 60 Min Styled Engagement Session
- 4k Video Clip
- Photo Assistant
- Online Gallery
- High Res Photos
- Signature Edited Photos
- Unlimited Downloads
- Printing Rights

A la carte

  • Time & Talent for 60 mins | $400
  • Engagement Photos | $400
  • 1 Minute 4K Video Clip | $240

What happens during the "Hell Yes!" Package?



  1. Arrive on location 30 min prior
  2. Make sure you send me a selfie of you and her
  3. If you have a plan, let me know before hand



  1. When you arrive, I'll have my camera ready
  2. I'll get the footage first, then the photos.



  1. Once we've got your proposal out of the way, we'll get into your Engagement Session.
  2. We'll go to the place I scouted prior to our session.


What if it rains?

We reschedule, wait it out or shoot in the rain, your pick🔥

When do we get the photos? and how?

2-3 Days. And will be delivered via online gallery. If you prefer to get it in a USB, its $125.

How far can you travel?

Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC, Jacksonville

If she said no, is there a refund?

Yes, if I cancel, I’ll refund 100%. If you do, a partial refund or I reschedule

Why are your proposals are at 60 minutes?

My session starts 30 minutes prior to your proposal to set up my camera, scout location, and blend in my environment.

We want video footage

I got you fam.

Do I have to tip?

Not necessarily, but highly appreciated!