The Whole Experience

Step 1

Initial consultation

Our initial consultation is about getting to know each other. I'll answer any questions you have to see if we are a good fit.

Average time: 15 minutes

Step 2

Going over the details

The next consultation consists of; understanding your needs and wants and how I can meet them.

Average time: 45-minutes

Step 3

Wedding Timeline

We schedule another call to solidify your wedding timeline and go over any creative, important shots that you want.

Step 4

Wedding day

I'll come in to know the layout of the venue. We go through your wedding day, take a few portraits of the bride and the groom, finish in the end. I'll send you your photos according to the package customized to you.


by Wilmington wedding and portrait photographer

All - In Collection


Multi-Day Coverage
Engagement + Bridal Session
Second Photographer
Lead Videographer

Large Print Packs + Wall Arts
Non-Disclosure Agreement
6-week delivery

Call for Pricing
1 / 6


How many images will I receive?

I edit between 1600-2000 photos for a full day, 1200-1600 for a half-day, 800-1200 for quarter day. But the number of photos varies from program to program.

How will i get my photos?

They will be delivered via a private online gallery per package.

Where are you based?

Washington DC. But will be traveling to Wilmington in August 2021.

Can you travel out of state?

Yes, I can travel from coast to coast. Some of my favorite areas are:

+ Washington, D.C.
+ Los Angeles and San Diego, CA
+ Atlanta, GA
+ Cannon Beach, OR
+ New York, NY

Travel Fees are not included in the package if (I am out of town)

What is your largest print?

30"x24" is the largest print. They are printed locally by a printing company in Washington DC.

I frame it with a standard Black Frame with or without White Border. But you can also customize with different styles, colors, and materials.

Delivery Time: 1-3 Days

Do you sell Leather Heirloom Photo Album?

Yes. I offer Genuine Leather or Lux Leather with matte or glossy quality photos. Starting at 20 pages.
Up to 50 pages. $10 per page.
Special delivery
Delivery: 7-21 Business Days

Do you use Analogue Film?

Yes. I use a 35mm and Medium Format Film on Olympus 35mm and/or Mamiya Rz67. This is a special order.

What happens if we get rained on?

If you're up for a session in the rain, I would oblige. But we can reschedule for another time if my schedule permits.