How to Plan a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a bit like creating your own syllabus, gathering the best people on your team then putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

If you're like me, most of my work is done at lunch. I'd email notes to myself, screenshot(ing) every "pleasing aesthetic" thing I come across. Yet, I'd find myself jumbled up with photos that I'd never plan to look at again. But in this personally curated page, I've taken it to the next level. I've combined thousands of hours of research, photographing weddings, and jotting them down here.

Let's bougie.

So for this first section, I want to dust off all of my blogs to the front of the page because there are a TON of valuable information thats buried in the internet. All of the photos are mine and I also wrote the pages myself! **pat on the back**

  1. How to Pick a Wedding Venue
  2. Top 20 Wedding Venues in Wilmington

  1. Bride and Her Wedding Party
  2. Groom and His Wedding Party
  3. Moms' and Mother-in-Law Dress
  4. A Guide for Guests

  1. How to plan an Engagement Session
  2. 7 Photoshoot Ideas
  3. Why You Should Consider Asking for Detailed Shots
  4. First Look, What are they for?
  5. 20 Best Places to get Engagement Session in Raleigh
  6. 19 Best Places for an Engagement Session in Wilmington
  7. Best Way to Surprise Your Partner With a Proposal

Wedding Timeline
  1. How to create your mood board?
  2. How to create a Timeline


  1. Wedding Florist
  2. Wedding DJ
  3. Bar Services
  4. Officiants & Ministers
  5. Wedding Caterers
  6. Wedding Planners
  7. Wedding Cakes
  8. Make Up and Hair
  9. Booths
  10. Transporation
  11. Soloists and Ensamble
  12. Dance Lessons
  13. Decor

Wedding Ideas

  1. Honeymoons
  2. Planning tools

Emailing your Vendors

One of the best ways that I found when emailing my multiple vendors is the use of a spreadsheet and this integrated app called YAMM(I'm not getting paid or affiliated with them)

First, I'd google, "Wedding Vendors in Raleigh." I'd search for their Email, Phone number, Website, Instagram, and Address.


Yet Another Mail Merge is a light extension made for Google Spreadsheet. It gives you the ability to send 50 Emails in one click.

Screenshot of vendors in Raleigh

If you'd like a copy of Wedding Vendors, I can send you a link

Download my Complete Vendors List

Whether you're looking for wedding photographers, photo booths, or any other wedding-relevant photography services, the list of vendors will make all your wedding dreams become a reality. Make sure you check it out before finalizing all your wedding needs!

Venues in Wilmington

Ceremony & Reception
  1. Merrell Estate & Gardens
  2. Beau Rivage Golf and Resort
  3. Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery
  4. River Forest Manor and Marina
  5. A Touch of Country Venue
  6. Ironclad Brewery
  7. Bakery 105
  8. Hotel Ballast
  9. Graylyn Estate
  10. St. Thomas Perseveration Hall
  11. The River Room
  12. Airlie Gardens
  13. Brooklyn Arts Center
  14. Atrium by Ligon Flynn
  15. North Carolina Museum of Art
  16. Meridian Convention Center