Engagement Session in Carolina Beach

The Photographer

Hi, I'm Glenn Guiao

As a Wilmington, NC wedding photographer, I have a unique opportunity to document your special day and witness, first hand, the emotions that unfold as you take a huge step into your future together. From detail meetings and conversations to get to know each other's stories leading up, right through to dreamy engagement shoots and finally seeing photos proudly gracing your walls many years later – it's an honourable journey!

It's important that our relationship builds over time and in those detail meetings, it gives me the chance to get even more excited hearing just how special and unique your wedding is going to be on the day. And although I'm so passionate about what I do, and talking with both of you at length throughout this process – I thought why not let this be an intimate opportunity for something: for us to really connect before we make memories last together.

My Approach

Honest emotion through intentional composition

I'm passionate about capturing those intimate moments on a couple's wedding day. To me, it's so much more than simply photographing the big events — it's about creating a tangible memory of every little detail. From tending to the flowers carried down the aisle to savoring the guests' reactions during the couple's first dance and beyond, I'm in complete awe of what wedding photography can do – my goal is to delicately preserve these timeless moments for couples to cherish long after their celebrations have concluded. My approach in wedding photography is to capture honest emotion through an intentional composition of details that both honors and celebrates the uniqueness of each couple.

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