Engagement Session

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We've got Rachel and Justin's Gallery, where I've shot them in Wrightsville Beach

Jackie and Jean's Gallery, at Fort Fisher Beach

Antonio and Christina, in their own home.

It doesn't have to be complicated

Engagement sessions should be:

  • easy
  • the best way to warm up to your photographer before your wedding day
  • to learn more how to pose
  • to be comfortable being in front of the camera
  • adventurous and creative
Engagement | Editorial | Weddings Wilmington NC - Wedding Photographer

Her white dress

Sean and Maddie's Engagement | Editorial | Weddings Wilmington NC - Wedding Photographer

Engagement Session at Home - Photo by Glenn Guiao

Can you do without the Engagement Sessions?

Absolutely, it's totally up to you. But I'd highly recommend it to couples who normally don't get in front of the camera

Where can we do our session?

  • It depends what kind of look you're going for
  • We can have a session at the beach
  • Cafe
  • At Home
  • Carnival
  • On top of the mountain

Just to name a few. But you decide where to get your photos taken

Herston and Mariah Alexandria VA Engagement Session | Wilmington NC Photographer

*song plays* follow you into the dark - death cab for a cutie

Tiga and Saul Editorial | Pink Penguin Studios | Wilmington NC Photographer

moments like this lasts forever


This is probably one of the main reasons why you should get an invitations.

You can either use my photos to design your own invitations or we can do it for you.

From our Sessions to having physical premium invitations on your hand.

Without needing to learn about how to create one.

Editorial and Fine Art Photographer

You're in good hands!

Hi there! My name is Glenn. I love photography and have been doing it since I was 16. I was a Medical Lab Tech turned a Pro in 2017. I know 3 languages, traveled to 38 States + 26 Countries.

I love coffee, netflix, and dogs

Let's get your engagement session out of the way! Email me at glenn@pinkpenguinstudios.com

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