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Photo Essay: Trolley Square Park

Light Abstract

I think one of the most transformative experiences in my style was recognizing that light isn't going to work if it was about 70+ degrees in the sky. This presented some challenges that can only be done indoors, in between buildings, and light filtration through a window, shadows, or overcast. The second is delightfully available. The light shone through the moderately spaced buildings, bounced between the red bricked walls gave a small window of time to create the subtle light look that may seem like I was photographing under an overcast. Which you'll find here.


The style we went for was an old British rebellion from 1970's look. The vision here is to create a Vogue, Life Magazine Style that matches the look of the setting.

Location: Trolley Square


I've used 3 different emulation of film. Acros, Kodak Gold 200, Fujcolor Provia 100F.


Fuji X-t2 with XF 35mm F2