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Abervanel Hall, UT


3 Different outfits, editorial, vogue style photoshoot. I wanted to shoot space, placing the subject into the frame where light hits, in an angle.

Location: Abervanel Hall, UT


No filters, used photoshop to remove blemishes, lifted the shadows and soften the highlights


Fuji X-t2 with XF 35mm F2, Canon 5d MkIII with 24mm TSE 3.5L Lens and Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens

Full Day: 3 hours of shooting, 7 hours of editing in Photoshop and Lightroom

woman in white shirt and black jeans holding a brown bag
woman in black dress in front of a bricked yellow wall
woman in black dress front of green electrical box with a wall covering most of the frame
woman in front of a pillar with 2 workers
woman in  white dress in a enclosed  walls on the light
beautiful woman in white dress with forearm on top of head
woman in white shirt black pants and brown bag in front of a store
woman in front of an art studio art 270