The Photographer

Glenn Guiao


I started my business as an elopement photographer for wedding chapels on the strip and second shooter for local photographers in Las Vegas, NV. Business was very ephemeral as clients come and go there. It felt like I only connected with people for a short while; photographing 10 weddings a week. It didn't feel like I was having fun anymore and wanted to slow down.

wilmington wedding photographer

My Approach To


A lot of my work revolves around film. I grew up watching movies while my parents were working. Which is kind of sad to say but it really was my way of passing time. I didn't have a lot of friends when I moved from the Philippines in 1999, didnt know any English, which is also the reason why cinema had a ton of impact of my composition and the feel for my work. I love Wes Anderson films, he influenced my style, along with several photographers like Tyler Rye, Jose Villa, and Henri-Cartier Bresson.

listening to the ocean with couple

Listening to the heart beating by the ocean

bead work on wedding dress of bride

Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress

holding each others wedding rings artistic shot

Wedding Rings

a word to my clients


I love photography. I love the interactions I have with my clients, I get excited each time we see each other because it feels personalized. I feels like a connection has to be made before the wedding day which is very very important to me. 

There's a reason everything. Including my pricing. You're investing 13+ years of experience of making my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. I can bring photograph anyone and let their guard down. I can see when a connection is made from a mile away.

reassuring photo of bride and groom on wedding day

Holding on to him

The value of photographs in prints

I think what sets me apart from a lot of photographers is through my prints. Imagine flipping through