Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Hey y'all! i'm glenn

A Wedding and Portrait Photographer based North Carolina.

I am a devourer of life.

- I love karaoke + Asian food
- I am a Cap/Tau/Sag | ESFP-T(Entertainer)
- I've been to 38 states + 26 countries

Why do I do, what I do?

There are a TON of sentimental value in photographs. I'll show you why.

Below were the only few photos I had in the Philippines, some had been lost or discarded during a move or typhoons.

Some families that have passed away or have lost contact in my life. But since finding these photographs have served a MUCH greater purpose in dedicating my life to photography.

Pangasinan, 1996

This is the tin-roofed house grew up in before I left for America.

Hundred Islands, 1997

Our outing in one of thousands of beaches in the Philippines.

Washington, DC, 1999

Game at Washington Commanders(Redskins)

Travel and photography

I think these two genres of lifestyles compliment each other as it allows record my travels spontaneously.

My only question would be...

"How would Anthony Bourdain do it?"

I bet he'd say, "don't be a tourist."

"Just pack your bags and do the damn thing."

And, so I did.

BackPack in dirt path roads in Riohacha, Colombia 2016

Taste a family meal with locals

Smell a local bakery shop in Baños, Ecuador, 2015

Listen to locals melodies who have lived for on a lake with Uros in Peru, 2014

Meet travelers with the same head space

meeting local

And FInd a location

My Approach To


A lot of my work revolves around film.

They feel alive and real.

I love Wes Anderson films, he influenced my style, along with several photographers like Tyler Rye, Jose Villa, and Henri-Cartier Bresson.


When photographing people, I take my time to understand the light, my subject and pull an idea from a film or movie that relates to that.

I want it to make it feel genuine.

To get genuine, I must understand who you are.

listening to the ocean with couple

Listening to the heart beating by the ocean

bead work on wedding dress of bride

Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress

holding each others wedding rings artistic shot

Wedding Rings