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Winter Wedding - Need Advice! Reddit Post Wilmington Wedding Photographer

Pic of Redditor in Wedding Dress

It's great that she still loves her dress and it fits perfectly!

A winter wedding sounds magical, and a shawl would be a great addition without taking away from the bodice.

With her pixie cut, a headband instead of a veil seems chic and practical.

Finding the perfect shawl can be tough, but local tailors, dressmakers, or Etsy artisans could offer custom options.

Ultimately, feeling comfortable and beautiful is what matters most!

Absolutely, staying warm is definitely a priority, especially in colder climates.

It might be worth considering a faux fur stole or a cropped cardigan that would provide some warmth without completely covering the dress.

Another option could be a lace or sheer bolero that provides a little coverage but still allows the dress underneath to shine through.

Remember, custom-made options are always available if you can't find exactly what you're looking for.

Go to etsy and search "feaux fur stole" or if you're not having a veil, you can wear a bridal cape. There's some gorgeous capes around.

You look amazing in this dress! I feel like something like this would look pretty!

I like this a lot! I am preferring the V shape like this versus the straight cover over both shoulders and the chest. I like the draped look a lot more and if it has the option to be either open or pinned that seems like it’ll look better to me

I don’t even know how I started seeing posts for this sub but am now a little addicted. When I saw this one, I literally said out loud “oh, that’s so pretty”. Never been married, never plan to be, but dang - I love this dress!

That’s exactly how I got dragged in, except I have been in a long engagement for 6 years due to disabilities and insurance issues, but I gave up wedding planning like 5 years ago. This sub dragged me in last year and I stayed because I love how uplifting everyone is and I see gorgeous dresses daily now.

We are finally moving somewhere where we will finally be able to get married without it impacting my coverage so I figured it was my time to post for myself here!!

Also thank you so much for this comment ❤️❤️

Have you considered a bolero? It would give you some more coverage for a colder time of year and I feel like one in the same material as your dress would be stunning.

Great suggestion! A bolero would indeed offer the necessary coverage without completely covering the dress. Matching the material with the dress would definitely create a cohesive and stunning look. It's an option that strikes a nice balance between practicality and style for a winter wedding.

Your dress is really stunning!!

Cape. These sure are pricey considering theyre “faux” but here’s one that might work … fleece, satin lined w hood. Reviews say it’s very warm. (I despise cold weather, I’m a tropical girl, I’d need a full goose down parka lol)

This dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

My jaw legit dropped when I saw this picture.

I agree - if you feel the need to add something, I would look at a faux fur stole, something that can be removed easily, or perhaps white gloves.

My wedding was October, and I had a strapless dress. I borrowed my sister’s gloves from her wedding as my something borrowed - they helped make a good transition to make my dress seem more fall than summer with it being strapless (mine was also a ball gown, gloves look great with them)

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