Its been about 2 years since I saw my spontaneous couples

I still remember the day like it was yesterday, the two Turkish individuals, Bora and Gozde who sealed their marriage in Nov. 16 2019. Gosh! They felt like old friends who came to get married in Las Vegas. It was super far from traditional and the beaming eyes from these two were the many reasons why I became a wedding photographer. The elopement was nothing short of it too. It was just the couple and the minister, and I, who signed as their witness.

First, we got their papers straightened out, went to the court, and right there and then, they were married. No planning whats so ever(except for booking the flights, hotel rooms, rental car etc.) I do remember that they were traveling all over the US before making a stop in Vegas to get married. She was a happy girl and a lucky guy.

Getting married with the minister

If I've ever felt like this...

I wouldn't doubt myself for a second that I would marry the girl of my dreams. But let me tell you how much I love my job. I love my job so much that each time a couple recite their vows, I would feel this overwhelming tsunami of feelings that would over me that I'd literally cry behind my camera, I swear, you can ask one of my assistants. I get into it so much that feelings just flood me sometimes.

Going back to these two, they hired me a few weeks before their arrival. Not years or months like how we do in the US, or anywhere else as a matter of fact. People come to Vegas to get married. As a matter of fact, I spoke to a few of my colleagues who work at chapels and say they would get 30-40 couples a night, which is more people than my doctor sees each day. It's totally insane!

The earth is so wide

When we left the court, the areas that we were in, weren't so grand. There were a few homeless folks wandering around, with my big ol cameras that's hanging around my shoulders, it didn't feel right. I asked them what they want to do next? They asked back, "can head to the mountains," and to the mountains we went. Boy, oh boy, this was unexpected. Now Red Rock is quite a long way, approximately 45 minutes from Fremont. And I am certain that we needed a permit before photographing there, thankfully, I signed up for a 6-month photo permit for State and 12 months for National Parks.

When we got to the Red Rock, I saw our possibilities were endless, posing was so much easier here because we only had a few hikers who passed us by thus it's less likely that they would get nervous in front of the camera. Sidenote: Do you know when you go to your doctor and your heart rate increases because of the docs white coat? It has a name, and it's called, "the white coat syndrome." The term was coined that because of the effects it has on patients. Being in front of a camera can sometimes trigger your heart rate to go up,"his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy." These two had none of that, they made photographing them sooooooo fricken easy that I essentially just became a tripod. They did most of the work and I just stood there for the remainder of the session.

Last words

I enjoyed my time with them. About 1 year later, Gozde and Bora are now parents and have updated me with their lives during covid. I wish to visit them when everything returns to normal. It was my pleasure to photograph them and their loved ones over and over again.

Thank you for having me guy!