Updated on June 1, 2023

This lens has a ton of characters

I'm sure you've read a bunch of blogs, YT videos, and probably from a bunch of fellow photographers on Facebook Groups about this one particular lens that is grouped with other, film like lenses like the Mamiya 645 Sekor 45mm 2.8, 63mm 2.8, many of the Boutique Lenses on BoutiqueLenses.com that are made for wedding photography, portraits, and headshots.

One of the few things about this lens that stood out from the rest are the bokeh that this lens produces. It changes depending on the light. When shooting into a light, the light somehow lifts the shadows and controls the small mico-contrasts of the image.

Another thing that really stood out was subject and background separation. At F1.4, despite its slight soft center, this lens is able to produce very stunning 3D effects.

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Voigtlander 58mm F1.4

Wilmington Model Testing

GF 50mm F3.5

Greenish Tint

  1. The first photo is the Voigtlander 58mm F1.4 at F1.4
  2. The second is the GF50mm F3.5 at F3.5

These are edited via my own presets. But both settings are almost identical.

Wilmington Model Testing Lightroom Edit
Wilmington Model Testing Lightroom Edit


Please consult your GI doctor as these bokeh effects may cause heartburn due to their exceptionally smooth and buttery appearance. It's an absolute delight to witness their creamy texture.

The busy background transforms into circular shapes with a slightly bubbly and distinctly vintage aesthetic.

Happy Couples Posing in Front Street
Happy Couples Posing in Front Street

Manual Focusing

My copy of the 58mm F1.4 lens feels quite stiff compared to older lenses. It lacks the smoothness that allows for quick twisting of the focusing lens. The lens requires approximately 270 degrees of rotation for focusing, and I've noticed that I also need to adjust my camera while focusing.

I'm not fond of its softness at F1.4, but at F2, it becomes impressively sharp, like thorns on a rose bush.

Both photos of the couples were taken with the Fujifilm X-T4

Model Testing at Dram Tree Park
Model Testing at Dram Tree Park
Model Testing at Dram Tree Park
Model Testing at Dram Tree Park

Definitely not for beginners

This lens, if used correctly, can produce stunning results. Straight out of the camera, you may notice medium to heavy vignetting, but this can be easily corrected in Lightroom or other post-production software.

Instead of extensive editing, this lens prefers a more subtle approach, with a touch of film-like vintage styling. It shines brightest when allowed to showcase its own unique qualities

A wedding I did with this lens

Dram Tree Park Photographer
Editorial and Fine Art Photographer

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