5 Reasons why you need a sneak peek previews

What is it?

A sneak peek preview is a small batch of edited photos that serves to announce your friends and family in social media that you've gotten married.

1. not letting others make the announcement

You've been invited to social gatherings like birthday parties, concerts, and notice someone whipping out their cell phone and taking photos and send them to their friends on Facebook. It seems harmless. But weddings are much more intimate, ceremonial, and special. That's why I think it is a good idea to have everyone keep their phones on airplane mode to prevent anyone from spoiling your wedding. Once the photos are uploaded online, it becomes public and for everyone to see.

wedding ring by wilmington wedding photographer

2. these are Professional Photos

We want you to be excited for the photos! and be confident that what you'll be uploading on social media are carefully edited and beautiful vs. using a friend or family member's photos to upload them online

blurry image of couples dancing by wilmington wedding photographer

3. You can opt-in or out of Sneak Peek Previews

It is possible that I am giving away too much for too soon. But if you'd like, you can opt out of Sneak Peek Previews until all of your photos are completed. As a photographer and business owner, I use photos to be able to advertise to other couples in order to hype them up with working with me. I know this may not be a sound choice, but if you'd like to keep your privacy, I have created a special clause to add to your contract that will prohibit me posting your photos. Ask me about the Non-Disclosure Agreement Clause!

couples holding each other by wilmington wedding photographer

4. A edited preview

These are close to what your photos will look like. The warmth, tones, exposures and everything that comes in between of editing a wedding photo will be close to your actual Gallery.

couples on the bridge by Wilmington Wedding Photographer

5. Best way to do announcement

Besides the crisp and clear candid moments, this is absolutely sharable moment for you. Relive the energy, excitement, and the fun times that you had on your big day. It's absolutely the time to change your Facebook Status from "engaged" to "married"

While these could the reason why you should get a sneak peek preview, it's not definitive. Every couple is different, they will always have a unique perspective on what they think should be the best way to handle their photos. Email me at glenn@pinkpenguinstudios.com if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you so much!