What to do after tying the knot in Las Vegas?

Party Bus

Is it Covid Safe? Hell yes.

Can it accommodate 16 people? Absolutely.

Where can it take us? anywhere you want. Liquor stores, dispensaries, McDonald's, taco stands, and drive until your heart's content. I cannot recommend this enough. There are coolers right next to the seats to cool your champagne, you control your own music, whether it be rap, country, EDM, and you'll be hugging each other to cotton-eyed joe(hahah). You can dance, sing, and go wild inside the party bus! In the end, they'll drop you off at your hotel at your convenience.

Here is one I would recommend in Las Vegas party bus company, and their phone number, reviews:

Crown LV



Booking site: Link

Phone number: +1 (888) 959-7454 or +1 702-861-0006

Email: reservations@crownlv.com

Reviews: Link

Walking on the Strip

I think a simple not-so-quiet walk on the strip without under any influence of alcohol or other substance could be very enjoyable. One, you'll be greeted by many who will happily yell "congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" allowing how much BAC to thrive in their breaths and nostrils. Happy times. But if you do enjoy it, here's a suggested route while you ready your phones to random passersby to ask for a quick photo of them on the strip.

When you're coming from a chapel, use Uber or Lyft to the Bellagio Valet. Ask the driver to drop you off there, if not, use the escalators and walk north towards the Valet. The Valet is covered by ocean green stained iron awning with Lanterns decorated along with the ceiling(you have to have a selfie here too!) Next Turn right, or East towards the garden, you'll find a couple of steps towards Bellagio Fountain. You'll find yourself overlooking the Chateau, Arc du Triomph, Paris Hotel, and the Fountains. Its not necessarily the best vantage point but there is plenty of space for a quick selfie near the grassy greens.

Once you've taken in many of your kisses and photos of your rings and the video of the fountain, head back towards where uber dropped you off and follow the escalator towards the second floor. This will take you to a long corridor down the Miracle Mile Shops. On your way, you should be able to see another angle of the Fountains, Paris Hotel, Arc Du Triomph, etc. this is a much safer, and fancier way to get down the strip. Turn left and cross the light to Planet Hollywood. Walk north towards Paris Hotel, this will take you to their Valet system. Walk further in to see another replica of the ocean-stained iron structure and Arc Du Triomph. When you hit the very back of the path, turn around and walk towards the strip again, walk another few steps until you find yourself underneath the Effiel Tower. Underneath, there are rows of the restaurant, its another iconic area of the strip that tips its hat to its original architect in Paris.

From here, you can either do two things, find an uber that will take you to Venetian, at this point, your feet might start to get tired from walking, it may be wise to get a Ride Share to Venetian.

Hiring a Freelance Photographer VS. Hotel Photographer

There are many pros and cons to hiring 2 different photographers. But since it's my blog, I will have to be biased (haha.)

Let's start with Hotel/Chapel Photographers.


  • They can photograph anywhere within the Chapel or Hotel.
  • They can bring tripod stands, assistants, with expensive lighting for superior quality.
  • They can make certain arrangements with the hotel they work for to expand their creativity.
  • They can be packaged with your wedding package which will save some $$
  • They offer printing and turnaround time can be as little as 3 days


  • They will only offer a limited amount of photos, sometimes as little as 1 photo(absurd)
  • To bring an outside photographer, they will need to charge you upwards of $150 or completely deny the freelance to photograph your wedding.
  • They can be extremely expensive while offering very little.
  • They are limited to the vicinity of the property.
  • They have been photographing all day, so all of the organic candids have left the window. Many photographers are photographing 40 weddings a day! (more than when I saw patients when I used to work at the clinic, back in the day)
  • They offer little to no editing
  • No photo or video allowed! not even from your guests!

Freelance Photographers


  • Flexibility is our name and creativity is our game.
  • We are allowed to use natural light, which I think is much more superior than flash.
  • We can photograph in multiple hotels and chapels, even your hotel rooms, or party bus, chaperoning you anywhere in Las Vegas.
  • We can be photographers and videographers and save you a bundle when purchasing both
  • My maximum Events is 3 each day, this means I pay a little more attention to you than 40 other couples. This would also mean that your experience differs from your couples previous to you.
  • We can offer more than 1 photo, upwards to 300-400 photos depending on how much time you book us.
  • You would help out the small businesses working against the larger establishments in Vegas. (Thank you!)


  • we're a little more expensive due to editing your photos
  • sometimes our breath smells of lunch because we work super hard :D

Whether you hire us or the surrounding chapels, I hope you enjoy your stay in Las Vegas!