How to get that Candid, and natural pose for a Couples Session

A step by step process to natural-looking poses


The bad

Let's face it, not everyone is a model or photogenic. We are bombarded with perfect pictures on social media, advertisements, and many photographers who upload their best photos on their website(usually are skinny or model-like.) More than 90% of the time, we advertise couples who look "healthy" so we can win over a client who may not have the same physic. They're misleading, untruthful, and the opposite of empowerment.

The Good

The good news is photographers who communicate what they're seeing through their lens give better results. And I think I'll tell you what you already know, everyone is capable of getting beautiful photos that represent them. Many people have a hard time showing public displays of affection that's why I made this guide to get rid of the anxiety and to give you a step-by-step process of getting beautiful photos.

Getting beautiful photos DOES NOT rely on pretty faces, how photogenic a certain person is, or how skinny they are, it's really about what's on the inside. How you feel really shows in your photos. Many have asked to photoshop them thinly, which is a service I don't offer. 

So how do I pose my clients who do not feel comfortable in front of the camera?

Listen to your photographer

Simply remove the camera(from your thoughts) and listen to your photographer.

Lock eyes

I'd ask them not to focus on me, but focus on the eyes of each other, how they're feeling at the moment. They're going to be with someone who wants to be for the rest of their lives, the last thing you want to do is be embarrassed in front of the camera. Or feel stiff, ask yourself, why do you feel embarrassed? When you feel uncomfortable, you'll see it in your photos like you have a breakout with acne. 

Loosen up, stretch, drink plenty of water, or meditate. We aren't in a doctor's office, no one has a "white coat syndrome" or on-camera syndrome.

Posing Tips - Practice along with your partner
  1. Touch your foreheads, Look at each other and say your vows in their heads like your streaming uploading your info into theirs
  2. Lock eyes use them to tickle their brain
  3. Tell them just with your eyes, tell them how much you want to be with them, then give them the puppy eyes.
  4. Tell your partner to whisper into her ear a joke or give this guy a five-star review on google because of how awesome he is.
  5. And I'd ask him/her/them to tell a secret.

Let's get Creative! What is your love language? 

I'd love to photograph my clients showing affection for each other but, I want to even go further, and give off a much more natural feel to your photos. I want to know your love language. Are you the person who likes to spend quality time? give words of affirmation? Gift-giving? give random acts of service? Or physical touch?

Spending Quality Time

For those who like to do activities with their partners, let's bring out the champagne, point it upwards, and shake it up! Do you like to dance? Spin them around, then stand behind them, close their eyes, and ask who it is, tell them a knock-knock joke.

Giving words of affirmation

You can tell each other some secrets or if you have any written vows, you can whip out a pen and paper and write a couple of words down.



Let's get you some flowers! Or roses, we can spice up your photos by giving her a rose, chocolates, your ring, it can also be a letter or written promises!

Random acts of service

Let's help him/her/them with his bowtie, straightening out their hair, helping them with her shoes on, fixing her dress or hair, helping her with her necklace. Make them look and feel good in front of the camera. Ok, quick secret, this is my love language, I LOVE giving them random acts of service. I work at home which gives me the best time to clean, cook, and groom the cat. This makes me feel good about myself knowing that when they come home, they're not stressed about clutters in our home.

physical touch

Hugging, kissing, holding hands, cuddling, putting your head on his chest, head to head, nose to nose. Do you like kisses on the neck? Do you enjoy your head on his chest? Hold their hands to your chest level and observe the small perfect imperfections.

Public Displays of Affection

Not all couples like to show public displays of affection, there are limited spaces in Vegas where its not crawling with random tourists. Sometimes when people look at us, it can trigger some anxiety and distract you from what's really important. But sometimes you just have to really focus when we can't avoid people. 


There are a few areas that are the least distracting. I know and love Bellagio because of its sceneries, the valet areas, the paths can sometimes be very empty. In Paris, right underneath the Arc Du Triomphe, that shows beautiful spaces that can isolate you from the rest of the world, while being in the most crowded city. We can always go to a different area in Las Vegas that is completely hidden from the world.

Finding your best angles

Angles is very important when imp photographing my couples, who are a plus size or curvy side. Regardless of how much we disregard our weight, deep down, we want to look good in front of the camera. I suggest practicing in front of the mirror and see what works for you. This will mirror and give you confidence when our session begins.

1. Start with having your hands on the hips, then slightly move your hand down, tuck your elbows in a little. This pose give toned arms, defines curves, and empowers sexiness in your photos.

2. Turning the stance about 45 degrees from the camera, hands on the hips and shoulders perpendicular to the camera, this also helps define your hips

3. Crossing your legs, widening you stance, doing a power walk, lifting your dress like a clump of grass showing a bit of the ankles like the Mama Mia poster

4. Adjusting your chin, left or right, up or down, but pull your chin forward.

5. Posture, try not slouching down, pull in your core, arch your back, or roll your shoulders backwards

6. Body language; get close

7. Put your hand somewhere! In your pocket, back pocket or on each other, the face, waist, arms. Don't just leave it dangling

8. Don't force the smile, if he isn't smiling, ask the bride to tell him a secret, something holy or dirty, it doesn't matter, make him smile. 

9. Put your weight on one side of you leg, switch.

10. Add space between your arm and your ribs. 

11. Smile and Do a little shrug, smell your own hair. Move and play with your hair a bit.

12. Confidence is Key!


The bottom line is, posing is not always going to be about your physic, its never about what really is on the outside, but what we feel on the inside, is what my camera captures.