5 Reasons Why I moved to Wilmington, NC

lesbian holding hands wilmington nc wedding photographer

1. Closer to Friends and Family

What is life without friends and family? I moved to the Wilmington because my mom, brother, and childhood friends are here in the East Coast. Granted they're not around the corner(they actually live in DMV, about 6 hours away without traffic). I missed them and being closer to them means I can drive to them. About the time it takes for me to get to San Diego. This also means that I can take clients in the surrounding cities like Georgia, NY, DMV, and New England.

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2. Wilmington is a wedding hub

I checked out the venues here and they are amazing! They lots of buildings that feature bricked red walls, lots of string lights, light and airy, moody vibe feels(im talking to you The River Room, Brooklyn Arts Center, and 128 South. As much as I love Vegas, it is a wedding destination, a kind of wedding where you'd hire an Elvis impersonator, an officiant, and a photographer for less than $200. A kind of wedding where chapels have, somehow withstand the test of time with a new coat of paint, pressure vacuumed red carpets, and a screw on light bulbs that are changed once in a while. I've had enough of those for a while. It's time for a slower change of pace.

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3. Closer to the beach

There is no competing when living near the coast. While there might be hurricanes, mosquitos, endless rain, and stores closed past 10PM, living close to the beach is my kind of hobby. Vegas heat can turn up to 120 degrees fahrenheit, outside and can cause dizzy spells, heat exhaustion, and heat strokes. I'd hate to be photographing in that condition and see sweat spots under your pits.

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4. More Traditional Weddings Please

The thing about traditional weddings is that you get to know your couples a lot better, being a local, it's easier for us to know each other's thoughts and feelings about the city and whatever is happening around, plus, living near downtown, they can visit my studio for a consultation. Meanwhile in Vegas, it's more of a service than anything else. People come and go and there's no attachment. Which is probably preferable to some but I'm a people person :)

5. North Carolina is a beautiful place

There's more to North Carolina other than it being the south. Besides the coastal towns, people, food(barbecue), and music; there's plenty of diversity that I am excited to explore. Netflix has taken a liking, celebrities and actors that aren't afraid to show their faces, dive bars with open mic nights like Barzarre, Weekly Bar Trivias like Messer Eddies at Hopyard and Cape Fear Wine and Beer, Boardwalk on Cape Fear River.