Years ago, I was wandering around Las Vegas looking for some inspiration. I usually walk around antique stores and find myself sitting in different couches and chairs. But one struck me which was this large chair with a round flat back made out of bamboo.

My grandma had these when I was little. It was all over our patios in our house in the Philippines with tables, lounges, and shelves that I'd find in this style. These never really mean anything to me at the time and up until I saw some photos on Instagram, I saw the beauty in this humble, yet cool chair.

Years later, Vox had done a mini-documentary on these chair and I became obsessed.

Peacock Chairs are expensive

These chairs are really, really, hard to find because they were made in the 70s, considered antique, and they are sturdy but to a point which doesn't help with its scarcity. But they are the most lightweight furniture that can hold my weight. 190 lbs.

I really wished I bought that cobra style peacock chair but it was $1250.

But it turns out, Facebook Marketplace has them.

People are selling these chairs for a premium price of $450.

But I bought one.

If you haven't seen the beautiful and informative documentary Vox made, definitely check it out.

One of the reasons why I bought this chair, is not just because of its aesthetic or popularity in music and Hollywood portrait industry, but the dark story which came with it and originated in the Philippines. In the 1920's during the American-occupied Philippines, tourists would travel to Bilibid Prison in the Manila. A photo was used in the ads called "Jail Bird in Peacock Chair" featured a Filipina who was sent to jail because she killed her husband.

The Peacock Chair Photo Session is available:

  • Elopement Sessions
  • Styled Shoots
  • Boudoir
  • Maternity
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Headshot Portraits
  • Family Sessions
  • Graduation

I can travel with the chair

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