Table of Contents

  • What is your budget?
  • Why are photographers expensive?
  • Family Friend Photographers: Should I hire them?
  • Facebook Photographers: Should I hire them?
  • What's a healthy Budget?
  • Our Starting Price?
  • How to book a photographer?
  • What happens after booking?
  • Wedding Day
  • FAQ

YASSS Newly Engaged Kings and Queens!!

I know how overwhelming wedding planning can be!

Especially when websites don't offer to show their prices online. (We always want to give our clients the best experience!)

Which can be very difficult to get a feel for a budget.

So here, I will talk about how to tackle vendors in 2023 and 2024

The Question of the year

What is your budget?

99% aren't sure what their budget is because every photographers come in all shapes and sizes, from cheap to luxurious, single, duo, or studio, with that being said, let's talk about the most obvious.

"Why are wedding photographers expensive? They're only taking photos, right?"

Truth is, it's 10% Yes and 90% no.

  1. Equipments are expensive
  2. Editing is extremely time consuming
  3. We have expensive overheads
  4. Having the "eye" takes years to master
  5. Knowing when to press the shutter takes a while to learn.
  6. Hiring Second Photographers are the most expensive overheads for photographers

"Couldn't I just hire a family friend to take photos of us?"

Absolutely! Hire a family friend if it fits you.

But hiring someone new or unexperienced, they are likely to miss the moments.

  • Miss out on your wedding. Even if they are front and center, they're under pressure trying to not miss the moments, your first kiss, first dance, those key moments that says, "this is our milestone."
  • Entry Level Cameras don't last long on the wedding. This is gonna be your biggest concern.
  • You won't have any guarantees. A friend in Asheville got married and hired a family photographer for their wedding. Their friend took 8 months to get their photos back. Big yikes!
  • Entry Level Cameras are grainy and aren't made for low-light situations especially during the reception.
  • New photographers are likely to oversaturate your photos, add that "instagram editing" look, follow a trend that doesn't last long, and make your photos look too yellow/orange/too bright and airy/too dark and moody.
  • Will your entry level photographer sustain their days until your wedding? Do you pay them on the day of? Will they be able to hold off on other projects on your day?
  • Any Back Up Cameras? Are they dual slotted SD cards?
  • Delivery 2000+ photos? Imagine finding that one photo that you really really want but is buried under a mountain of them.
  • Might even forget that they have a family shot list, or even a general one
  • Highly will even ruin your relationship with them

"Okay, no more family friend!





$800 seems reasonable.

Quick Disclaimer: I am not bashing photographers who are starting out because I once also had a beginning. However, I started as a real estate photographer that saved up enough to get high end gear. I worked with models so I can learn how to pose people. Eventually, I got comfortable enough that I can direct people who don't know how to stand in front of the camera. Please take this with a grain of salt.

Why this is a good idea:

  • Great for small intimate weddings.
  • This will cover the day of wedding + editing if the wedding is around the corner.
  • Guaranteed supporting a small business or someone whose starting out.

Why this is a bad idea for the bride:

  • You'll experience burn out.
  • Too many comments and photographers to pick and choose.
  • The normal budget for a photographer is NOT sustainable, they might not make it until your wedding day
  • Inconsistent portfolio.

Why is this a bad idea for the photographer to charge so low:

  • Photographers wont be able to sustain 1 year of living.
  • If they took 54 weddings per year(oh god) they'll make $43,200 before income tax.
  • They will need to pay for a decent camera at $1400, then at least 2 decent lenses at $800, and a back up camera (x2) $2200. A website, online storage for your gallery, monthly subscription to Photoshop + Lightroom, a laptop, local storage, a logo, a car to get your wedding, insurance, a business license to do business in NC, taxes, other overheads like Spotify Premium, continuing education, etc.



According to Wedding.Report, $2400 was the average spent in 2022. This makes sense,

This will take care of most overheads but not all. The cost of doing business for any wedding photographers, 2 mid-range Mirrorless Cameras, lens, and extra batteries.


$3400 is my starting price.

  • Wedding Consultations - We will talk about our shot list, must haves, family list
  • 6 Hour Coverage - Up until the dance or cake cutting
  • Second Photographer
  • Signature Edits
  • High-Res Files
  • Online Gallery
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • 2 Week Turn Around

You're Guaranteed these Experience

  • Exclusive Tips and updates. Our couples don't instantaneously get beautiful photos on the day of right? I will be your exclusive guide between from the moment you inquire to your wedding day. My clients will receive be joining my monthly emails so that we stay in touch.
  • Priority Calls and Texts.
  • You're guaranteed that when you book that day, no-one else will have that time slot besides you. It's in my contract.
  • You're guaranteed curated, high quality photos, on-time delivery, professional online gallery, online store, with a highly experienced photographer.
  • Our edits are exclusive. Sure you can get another photographer to photograph identically like myself. But how much discipline do they have to edit your wedding?

Ask your photographer

If your wedding is in a year from now, how will you sustain that $800 until the next year?


This is true all around.

  • We can only shoot so many weddings each year.
  • Commercial photography will only take less clients.
  • Our cameras are expensive and will need to a regular maintenance
  • Each Photographer has an "eye" ask us, what makes us different by texting, "EYE" to 240-870-0261

Start to Finish


  1. Set up a meeting and download our price list. To stay competitive, we must keep our pricing private.
  2. If we fit, I'll send you an invoice and agreement, solidify your wedding date.


  1. We'll set up a separate date for your engagement session.
  2. Receive your photos for Save the Date invitation cards
  3. Print any photos on the sign-in table
  4. Send exclusive emails to keep in touch with the planning.


  1. Go over your wedding timeline
  2. Set up your shot list & family shot list.
  3. Call or text you a few days before your wedding to if there are any last minute changes.


  1. I'd show up solo or with a second photographer to greet you and your partner. And start our very first task of the day.
  2. Follow through the shot list and give as much directions as I can to make a beautiful curated album

Hi, I’m Glenn, Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Get to know me
Wilmington Wedding Photographer

Let’s get to know each other

I hope you enjoyed that quick article I wrote over coffee at Bespoke. You might've seen some grammatical errors in here, I can assure you that I am not a writer of thoughts but a photographer of images. If you'd like to download our price list, you will need to reach out to me using our contact form below. It will take you to my form and will pass along your info to my inbox. chat soon!

Download your "How to get engagement photos that SLAYYY"

In this guide, you'll find:

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  • What to wear based off of the photographers style
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Where are you located?

Wilmington, NC

How far can you travel?

Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, SC, Jacksonville

Turn around time?

2 weeks depending on how busy my week is

What if it rains?

We reschedule or shoot in the rain, your pick🔥

Is there a refund?

Yes, if I cancel, I’ll refund 100%. If you do, a partial refund or I reshoot. 

What if I don’t like the photos in the gallery?

I’ll push to reshoot, but if they are soooo terrible, I’ll partially refund

Bae is shy, can you give us directions?

You got it fam.

Do you do couples boudoir?

As long as you’re comfortable! It’ll get a bit spicy🥵

Do you photoshop?

Yes as well as regenerative AI

Do you shoot film?

I do, you will have to pay for the film stock separately

Do you do videography?

Only footage, I do not edit.

Can you not put our stuff on social media?

Sure. Just let me know which photos

Can I use my photos commercially?

Nope. You will need a separate contract + license fee

Do you photograph weddings?


Do I have to tip?

Not necessarily, but highly appreciated!

Can you re-edit my photos?

This will also be an additional fee

I can’t decide what to wear!

Wear one and bring the other!

Can I wear a suit?

If you must! Do it.

Can you shoot in the water?

Yes, but it will cost another $120 to rent underwater housing.

Do you have military discounts?

20% off at the checkout Prints & Wall Art Store