The excitement of being newly engaged is infectious - there's no denying it. You're feeling all the love and joy, and you can't wait to start planning your wedding day. One of the most important parts of wedding planning – no matter if you have a traditional ceremony or eloping – is booking an engagement photographer to capture those special memories for years to come. But are you really sure that now is the right time to book one? From understanding different types of services offered by photographers, what questions should be asked before signing on the dotted line, as well as determining if you have physically met with a potential photographer during this pandemic--this blog post will offer guidance on navigating through these tough decisions about planning an engagement session and hiring an engagement photographer!

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Make Your Engagement Session Memorable with the Right

Location Is Everything 

The first step in planning an engagement session is deciding on a location. Do you want to have your photos taken in the city or countryside? Near the beach or in a studio? When picking out a location, think about what type of photos you want and which would best reflect you as a couple. If you love nature, for example, then taking pictures outdoors may be more fitting than having them done at home. Also consider factors like lighting and crowd levels when selecting a spot for your shoot. 

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Choose Outfits That Reflect Your Style 

Another important part of planning an engagement session is picking out outfits that fit the setting and theme of the photo shoot. If you’re taking pictures at the beach, for instance, dress appropriately with light clothing that won’t blow away in the wind! Similarly, if you’re shooting in a field or forested area, opt for long-sleeved dresses or khakis and flannels instead of shorts and t-shirts. No matter what kind of look you decide on, just remember to stay true to yourselves as a couple!  

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Plan Ahead With Props & Accessories 

Finally, don't forget to add some props and accessories into your shoot! Props can help tell your story as a couple—so if there's something special that has meaning to both of you (like music instruments or books), bring them along! Other accessories like flowers or balloons can also add color and texture to each shot so make sure you have plenty ready for use during your photoshoot. Just remember not to overdo it; too many props will take away from the focus on both of you! 

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You’re newly engaged and the excitement is real! As part of your wedding plans, you may be considering booking an engagement photographer. Choosing an engagement photographer can feel overwhelming - so many options to weigh and choices to make. You have plenty of time before you have to get it done, but if you're looking for help today then know that we are here for you! We understand how important this decision is and have created this guide in order to provide answers on booking an engagement photographer so that you can move confidently through the process.

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Your engagement photo shoot should be both fun and memorable for years to come--and with thoughtful planning ahead of time it can be just that! From choosing an appropriate location that fits with your style as a couple all the way down to props and accessories that help tell your story together--it's essential that all aspects are considered while planning out an engagement session. With these tips in mind, we hope now you feel excited rather than anxious about getting those perfect shots! Best wishes on t

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