• The Short Answer
  • The Long Answer
  • Second Photographer
  • Number of Hours
  • Shotlist
  • Culling
  • Curating your Gallery
  • Conclusion

The Short Answer

There is no definitive answer. The longer I stay at your wedding, the more materials I would provide at the end of our session. But on average, if I'm a single photographer (without my second), I would send about 300-400 Edited photos for a 4 hour session.

An 8 Hour session wouldn't necessarily be doubled that. It would depend on the program, how many memorable mini-events in between. For example, if you chose to skip father-daughter dance, at least 50 Edited photos are gone right there and then.

If you want to keep your evening relaxing, which is not a problem to me at all, then you may not need an 8 hour coverage.

Disclaimer: Do not let me talk you out of a father-daughter dance, you are welcome to do as you please.

The Long Answer

We will go over:

  1. We all need a Second Photographer
  2. How long will you need me there?
  3. Do you have a Shot list
  4. What is Culling? My Editing Process
  5. Curating your Gallery
  6. Conclusion

Second Photographers

A second photographer would send about the same number of photos to me but will be used as an additive, that are necessary to build or supplement a gallery and not intended to replace the front's center composition.

If you choose to add a photographer, keep in mind that we are photographing about the same scene. I would instruct my second to capture shots that aren't my couples during the ceremony. Because 9x10 you'll only want 20-30 photos(maybe even less) of both of you standing in front of everyone.(This is where a good videographer comes in handy)

If you'd like an additional coverage for your wedding, think about using that extra coverage to cover the groomsmen.

A female second photographer can cover the bride and bridesmaids if they are more comfortable being photographed.

A second photographer can cover people's reactions in the crowd during the ceremony and reception.

Let's say that you did add a second photographer:

Here's the number of photos that you'll be getting:

  • 4 Hours - 300-400 Photos
  • 6 Hours - 500-600 Photos
  • 8 Hours - 700-800 Photos

How long will you need me there?

What is the most important thing about your wedding?

Getting ready? Everything up until the Ceremony? or All the way through the end?

There is a chock full of things that I can do during the getting ready part of your wedding. I'd reserve at least 4 hours to get all of these details.

  1. Details are the small things that create a solid gallery. Flatlays of wedding rings, invitation cards, bouquet, earrings, lipstick, brushes, polaroids, engagement rings, shoes, slippers, robes, etc.
  2. Candids; moms tying your dress, putting your shoes on, getting the make up and hair ready, and getting some bridal portraits while the groomsmen get ready.
  3. If you haven't hired a second yet, then this might convince you. Wondered what the future hubster and groomsmen are up to? Could you imagine them putting on their tie, shoes, his dad brushing his shoulders off? This is also a very vulnerable moment for him that he may want to remember.
  4. Details of the venue. Cutlery, wedding cake, flowers, drapes, tables, gifts, etc.

The ceremony can carry between 200-300 edited photos at the wedding. This is the most weighted part of the job as it requires me to make sure that I capture everything thats happening in the front as well as be aware of everyone else's reactions.

Shot List

If you've got a long list of family members and you want a mixture of those family members to participate in your family portrait, the list may require to allocate your time from else. This usually requires about 30-45 minutes to complete.

What is Culling

Normally when a photographer takes photos of the wedding, we photograph thousands of photos of angles, variations of shots, until that one single frame that we find that most beautiful suits the gallery. Each frame has a different variation of movement. A blink, half open, open eyes, looking to the left, right, down, or up, can make a whole lot of difference in your gallery.

Which takes us to Culling.

Culling is a process which I separate those good and bad photos, acceptable, and the "hero" shots.

Usually, 50%-70% of everything that ANY professional photographers goes to the trash, thats just the way it usually is.

Say that we photograph 3000 photos at the wedding. 1500 are bad. Let me explain.

Curating your Gallery

"Bad" as in the subject blinking, blurry photos, awkward smiles, half intentional movement, the foot is in an awkward position, the face isn't turned to show the correctly, repeats, etc. Whatever it may be, it's causing problems in the gallery.

"Acceptable" photos are photos that are fillers that could fit in the gallery but may eventually moved aside if the do not do anything to curate the gallery. They can also be blurry photos that seem accidental but show impact, emotion, etc.

"good" 30-40% of these photos are candids. Group photos, family photos, dancing, reception, cake cutting, etc. They are essential to tell the story.

"Highlight" shots are shots that add little snippets to your gallery. A summary if you will. 8-10% of the gallery

"Detail" shots are shots of the rings flowers flatlays, invitations, etc. They take about 3-5% of the gallery.

The "hero" shots are shots that make it to prints. The 1%er, the ones that you want to have on top of the fire place, in front of the photo album.


I believe that the number of photos doesn't determine a good gallery. Each wedding I've been to have been unique in many ways. Whether its a location, the mood, style, the mini events, flat lays, candids, what sets us apart is the experience. What you've experienced and what I am there to capture.

Editorial and Fine Art Photographer

Good morning/Good evening

Hey there! thank you so much for reading the article. I hope you find this helpful. If you'd like to know more about what I do to create a beautiful gallery, send me an email at or click "More about me" which takes you to my Contact Page

You are awesome.

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