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A Smit's family member was turning 70. Mawmaw deserves to have a beautiful portraits of her and her grand kids. Everyone drove down from Wilmington, some from Raleigh. But what would be the perfect way to celebrate her milestone by getting a beautiful beach house by the ocean.

Their request was very simple; they wanted photos of the kids and the family, including the grand parents. They want them to be a combination of candid and posed.

They chose my 60 minute session package, Kodak Moments and photograph them in a beautiful setting.

I asked them to just hang around the patio first, getting a couple of candid photos of grandma and the kids.

The kids had high energy and were willing to have their photos taken. Super easy. I ask them to pile on to grandma. One jumped at the back of her and everyone just fell into one place.

We then walked towards the beach, and asked a family member to jot down a shot list, a combination of the family members that they want me to photograph.

  1. One Group Shot of everyone
  2. Grand parents and Grand Kids
  3. Each Family Together
  4. Each Couple
  5. Each Kid Individually
  6. 4 Kids together
  7. Just Adults

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Here are their photos!

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