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Disclaimer: The photo above does not depict the proposal mentioned in this article. It is included solely for illustrative purposes, while certain Reddit threads I discovered online have proven useful.

Sikh wedding hoop .. brides family wants to give this wedding hoop to groom’s family as Saha chithi.

Photo and Reddit Post by u/HoopX_

Sahi* Chithi

For those who don’t know this traditional significance of this ceremony is to officially invite the boy’s family to the solemnisation of the marriage and implies that you should now begin preps for the wedding day.

Although in modern weddings, planning could start years before to secure venue and temples on certain dates. But historically, weddings were a lot simpler and could be arranged within days.

In old times when communication was little hard without telephones or similar communication means.

So family traditionally use to send city “barber” to deliver Sahi Chithi with fruits and sweets, which later on changed to “Matchmakers”.

Other reason was, sometimes weddings were pre-defined by parents as early as when couple was like 2-5year old, it is called “Rokka”.

Later on when kids gets younger and any of parents felt like they should get married now, Sahi Chithi was official invite for wedding to grooms family.

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