During a wedding, family portraits are a common tradition that involves taking photographs of the bride and groom with their respective families.

These portraits typically take place after the ceremony and before the reception, and they capture the momentous occasion when two families come together as one.

Family portraits often involve a lot of planning and coordination. The wedding photographer will work closely with the couple to determine who should be included in the portraits and to create a schedule for taking them.

The photographer will also ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately and positioned correctly for the photos.

Family portraits typically include a variety of different poses and groupings. Some common groupings might include the bride and groom with their parents, grandparents, siblings, and other close family members. The photographer may also take individual portraits of each family member.

Challenges with lighting

When creating the perfect timeline, it's best to consult with the wedding planner or the photographer to see when is the best time to do the ceremony and thus the family portraits. The main reason are lighting.

I'd love to show you my best family portraits but I'd rather show you what a photo would look like where the sun is at a certain place in the sky. This will give you an idea when is the best time to do the Ceremony.

Hint: It's the last photo

New bern NC Photographer

Direct Sunlight

New bern NC Photographer


New bern NC Photographer


New bern NC Photographer

Afternoon, Behind the Building

New bern NC Photographer

Late Afternoon With Shade

Family portraits are an important part of the wedding day, as they capture the love and joy that comes from two families coming together to celebrate a new union. These portraits serve as a lasting reminder of the special day and the bonds that were formed.


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