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Disclaimer: The photo above does not depict the couples mentioned in this article. It is included solely for illustrative purposes, while certain Reddit threads I discovered online have proven useful.

I paid for my bridesmaids hotels so they would hang out with me the night before my wedding. We have been friends for 20 years. They went bar hopping. I’ve barely slept in days and don’t have it in me to get drunk nor do I want to the night before my wedding.

They have done absolutely nothing this entire time. No bridal party, no bachelorette party, no anything. I have paid for everything that so they wouldn’t have to come out of pocket even though they make way more than me.

I’m just heartbroken. They have put a dark cloud over what should be a happy time for me. I don’t even know how to move forward after the wedding. Just venting I guess.

Edit/update: I just want to thank everyone for such an outpouring of support and well wishes from everyone. I’m tearing a bit as write this so thank you all.

My MOH said she thought I was going to bed bc I said I was tired (which I was 6 hours sleep the past two night) so she assumed I was going to bed. She seemed to genuinely feel bad.

My bridesmaid was just like oh we should’ve knocked on your door. It didn’t seem to register.

I am rereading my fiancés letter that we exchanged two nights ago and focusing on how incredible it is that someone actually loves me that much.

Second update: my MOH updated our room to the HONEYMOON SUITE. She decorated it with rose petals and champagne everywhere. I think she felt really bad and wanted to show me she does care. He speech was also very heartfelt. So I definitely going to forgive her and chalk it up to being too into what’s going on on her own stuff. My bridesmaid is another story.

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