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Disclaimer: The photo above does not depict the couples mentioned in this article. It is included solely for illustrative purposes, while certain Reddit threads I discovered online have proven useful.

I’m getting married to my lovely fiancée in just over a year. We want our wedding to be fun, and have tried to break some traditions while still keeping to the basic blueprints of an average American wedding. We mostly want our wedding to be lighthearted and a bit unique while still looking like a wedding.

For example, one small thing is that my dress will be teal, and my partner will be wearing a dark teal suit. Instead of having bridesmaids, we’ll be having brides people of multiple genders. We also will be throwing (in addition to a bouquet) a stuffed cat, that anyone of any gender can try and catch, to represent who will adopt a cat next in their life. We want to choose our own music for the reception, which will include some mid 2000’s rock (nothing too heavy, we just both used to be emo) and songs by lesbian/sapphic artists. My fiancée is a musician and wants to have an open mic for her friends to play live music.

I just think it’s the little details that can add up and make an event really special. I haven’t been to a wedding since I was a kid (I’m in my mid 20s now) so I may have forgotten some of the more crucial components, but that’s why I’m posting here!

Fun non-traditional things to do for a lesbian wedding? | Top Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Wilmington NC


Queer things we did at our wedding:

  1. have queer vendors!! Wherever possible, we hired some combo of queer-owned, POC-owned, women-owned, and/or local-owned businesses and it felt soooo special on the day of. It also made paying feel easier lol.
  2. photo booth with pride props, including pride and trans flags - this was a huge hit actually.
  3. walked down the aisle hand in hand. ❤️ we're introverts and didn't want the extra individual attention without each other, and it just felt so right to go into it together.
  4. no gendered language in our vows. For example, our officiant friend said "I now pronounce you married! You may now kiss."
  5. Tiny detail but "restroom" sign instead of gendered bathrooms... We had a lot of non-binary folks including my spouse 😊
  6. We skipped any traditions that weren't important to us. 🤷‍♀️
Fun non-traditional things to do for a lesbian wedding? | Top Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Wilmington NC


Instead of a cake cutting later in the reception, we did a pizza cutting to start our reception. (Our first date was at a pizza place).

Instead of a guestbook or photo booth, we hired a silhouette artist because we love classic amusement parks and got our silhouette cut on our first trip to a theme park together. It seems like you're already doing this, but just think of things personal to your story, and add it in! Food, music, activities, clothes, mementos

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