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Honest question.

My fiance & I have paid all our deposits, we're set to get married this November.

Maybe we'll feel differently after the wedding, but as of right now...

We're both feeling like we should have used the money we saved and spent on the wedding ($29,856 CAD in total for 75 guests) and put it toward eloping somewhere breathtaking, just us & giving ourselves a longer honeymoon.

It has been a stressful 2 years of planning to say the least and the amount of family drama, the price tags, all of it, now have my fiance and I less excited about our wedding day. We're really only excited about the marriage.

Does anyone else here wish they had eloped?

The last few weeks before our wedding, I was asking myself the exact same thing. Looking back now I would not trade our wedding day for the world.

It's not the same experience for everyone but there is hope you will feel the same after yours! Best of luck and congratulations!!

There was so much stress leading up to our wedding that I was anxious for it to be all over.

The actual day, however, was one of the best days of my life! The photos we got back, with our families especially, are so special.

It was magical to have all of our favourite people together in one room and supporting us. It really was the best way to start our marriage, surrounded by love.

It’s natural to be stressed right now, but I’m sure you’ll feel that it was all worth it when the day comes!

As others have said, the last few weeks are THE WORST.

I can understand the family drama lol.

I loved our wedding, but we agreed we would’ve been happy or even happier eloping.

I spent way less time with my guests than I thought, it was me and my husband and the wedding party for like 95% of the day. If it had just been us it would’ve been amazing too.

I didn’t even look at the guests for more than a quick glance during the ceremony I was so caught up in the moment. Good luck!

I honestly wish we had eloped, our wedding was beautiful but it’s all a blur now and it was incredibly stressful to plan.

We had a small wedding so cost [was] we’re relatively low, but I still wish we had saved that money for something better. Weddings are just parties for other people.

I love getting together with family and friends and celebrating whatever the occasion is, in general so same applies for the wedding but we kind of had to get married quickly so we didn’t get the chance :/

Tbh, yes. I hated my wedding. I love my partner! But my family is awful and made it all about them, and I really didn't like it. I wish we did it at the court house or literally anything.

I don't know if this will help or not. But one of my aunts eloped years ago. She has a wonderful marriage and husband and they have their two nearly grown sons.

She always said she regretted it.

Not the life they built but she wanted her wedding! She always felt bad, silly, stupid, childish, and spoiled for feeling that way (not my words! Her words!

And over the years and we've all tried to tell her she wasn't any of those things) but last fall (2022) they had a vow renewal and she got to have her wedding.

Her dad (my granpa) walked her down the isle, their grown sons and dogs were their bridal and groom parties, and it was about 40-50 people.

She had her white dress and a flower piece in her hair and a small veil. And her husband even surprised her with a live band. It was lovley!

She was so happy and although she does wish she had had it all those years ago, she said she finally got her wedding and felt like a princess, like her dreams came true.

So, personally, since you already paid for everything, I think you'll be so, so, glad you had your wedding. 🥰

Ohh yeah!

We loved our wedding day, it was amazing, but looking back we 100% should have eloped to Tahoe or something.

Could have added an extra 2 weeks on our honeymoon to the UK.

I was always a small wedding/courthouse/elopement girl - until I got engaged to the guy who talks to EVERYONE.

He was obsessed with the wedding idea and I went along with it.

We invited 150 and ended up closer to 80 (required travel for 90%) and honestly, I have zero regrets. It was perfect.

My husband and I had the same conversation when we were planning the wedding. Weddings literally bring out the best, and the worst in people (remember that, kids and sickness do the same).

We also had ALOT of drama surrounding our wedding (in-laws, what are ya going to do?) and I remember crying on the patio (doing tequila shots with my bridesmaids) in the middle of my rehearsal dinner because of the bullshit.

That said, our wedding day was BEAUTIFUL. I married my best friend.

I ate some really, really good cheesecake. It was laughable how terrible at dancing we were. Our day was filled with so much joy.

Waiting for that wedding day is definitely the worst part of it, so in the meantime find your joy and appreciate that it sounds like your future husband has your back.

I loved my wedding day! However afterwards I realized that I still would’ve been just as happy having a microc wedding or elopement and celebration.

I wasn’t really focused on the wedding itself and focused on my husband and all the emotions.

So I don’t think you can go wrong as long as you don’t put yourself into debt. It was also great to have a bunch of family around enjoying themselves too.

I'm a week and a half out and I wish we'd just signed papers. This relentless who goes where, who does what, who comes when... all of these questions for whatever reason need to get answered by me.

Other people know who the caterer is and when he's arriving, but somehow, everything need to go through me, and I'm VERY tired of it.

I almost cried because my mom doesn't understand how templates work, and kept asking what if somebody needed to be assigned a seat last minute--we're not even assigning seats!

To make matters worse, I'm in a literal opposite timezone, so the only time I can speak to anybody back home is before work, or right before bed, and it's only intensified in the leadup to the wedding. /rant

That's all to say that I wish we'd eloped. My grandparents were happily married for 70 years (and would gladly have wanted 70 more) after eloping at Niagara Falls, and seeing the happiness they shared without all the hullaballoo, I sometimes do wonder if it's worth it.

I'm sure I'll be happy day of, it'll be great to see friends and gather family, etc., but I could really do without the second unpaid (reverse paying...?) job I've taken on.

I am leaning towards this or just a very small wedding.

We had an engagement party which was an excellent glimpse into what a wedding might be like.

It was stressful and expensive and being on the whole time then not being able to spend much time with everyone was somewhat depressing.

I'm an extrovert and want to make sure everyone else is good and it was exhausting and it was only about 50 people.

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