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"Hi all, now that my wedding is over I wanted to share our budget breakdown in case it's helpful. My husband is Indian-American and I am not.

We had about three days of events.

First day was my mehndi day with a small amount of family around. Then, we had the haldi ceremony together and two pujas (one for me and one for groom) with just family/close friends and then guest mehndi at night with about 50 guests.

All of this took place at my partner's family home.

Finally, it was the wedding day. We had a short ceremony (1 hour, which is short for Hindu weddings) immediately followed by reception.

We contributed to the wedding in addition to both sets of parents.

We wore traditional Indian clothes for the ceremony and then changed into typical American wedding clothes (white wedding dress, etc)" Says u/happy-beats416

indian wedding in wilmington nc
indian wedding in wilmington nc
indian wedding in wilmington nc
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Bride Mehdi day:

-$1000 for henna artist, we paid

-$500 for food for guests staying at home, groom's parents paid

-$100 for outfit, gift from groom's parents

-$3000 for tent in the backyard that stayed up all week, groom's parents paid

-$2000 for decor, groom's parents paid

TOTAL: $6,600

Haldi/Puja/Guest Mehdi day:

-$2500 for food and alcohol for guests, we paid

-$250 for outfits, gifts from groom's parents

-$400 for guest henna, we paid

TOTAL: $3,150

Wedding day:

$6000- venue, we spent

$20,000- catering, alcohol, linens, and flatware, tips, groom's parents

$3,400, bride's dress and alterations, my parents paid

$2,100, rentals, my parents paid

$8,000, photography and video, we paid

$3,500- florals, my parents paid

$3,700-transportation, we paid

$2,500- coordinator/partial planner, we paid

$500- priest, groom's parents paid

$1500- hair and makeup for bride and moms, we paid

$1000- lehenga and alterations, groom's parents gifted

$700-groom's outfit, groom's parents gifted

$1500-afterparty, we paid

$1000- post-wedding brunch, my parents paid

TOTAL: $54,000

GRAND TOTAL: $65,150 (approx, we def could have missed some things!)

indian wedding in wilmington nc


Thank you for this and congratulations on getting married!

I'm in the same boat as you: my fiancee is Indian background and I am not. We both are looking for a fusion wedding, and a short (1 hour) ceremony. Would you be willing to share what you included in your ceremony? Via PM or comment? It's one of things stressing us out the most.

indian wedding in wilmington nc


"Mid-Atlantic! I would say high cost of living area!"

indian wedding in wilmington nc


"Yes! that was staging and some tables and chairs we needed. We did not do a traditional mandap we had a stage and a floral arch instead. That also included chairs for the stage and ceremony guest chairs + set up and breakdown. Most tables and all chairs were included for reception."

indian wedding in wilmington nc


"Thank you for sharing!" u/bashfulbrownie

indian wedding in wilmington nc


"Congratulations and thank you for sharing! Sounds like a wonderful celebration and hope you and your husband enjoyed yourselves!" u/Fluid-Scholar3169

indian wedding in wilmington nc


"I don't know exact number of guests, but I would say about 30-45 people got henna. Artists was there for 4 hours and price was $85 an hour, which is typical for the area I'm in."

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