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Anyone else hate wedding dress shopping?

This is just a vent, but I really never thought that shopping for a dress would be the worst part of wedding planning. I’m in my 40s and plus size and there seems to be nothing out there that is remotely appropriate. Dresses designed for someone young and trim made in bigger sizes just aren’t flattering at all and I feel stupid even trying them on. The best I can seem to find is “not awful” which is not how I want to feel on my wedding day. I have a vision of what I would like (tea length, natural waist, v-neck, with long sleeves, in a blush tone) but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to exist, at least anywhere that you can try it on.

Oh, and just a word of advice: do not buy from Marla’s Fashions, an online store. It turns out the only “refund” they offer (if you return within 7 days) is store credit, which is utterly useless if they have nothing else you want. I learned that the hard way and am out $800 for a dress that doesn’t fit. (The measurements are not accurate.)

Sorry, rant over. I wonder if anyone is/was in the same boat and how you managed to find something that made you feel pretty on your wedding day. I’m open to any hacks, but really don’t want to waste any more money collecting dresses I cannot wear.

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Sorry to hear about your experience. That sucks. I never had a thought about a dress. It kinda went over my head until it was time and my fiance was hey wedding dress shopping?

I had a month long anxiety over it, and just the word dress sent me spiralling. I did not know what I want, how it looks on me nothing. Fast forward, we booked a small wedding dress tryout.

We (mostly fiance) explained to the woman that I am a noob about it and do not know anything, and to take it slow with me. She was kind, patient, and she jumped on board with us trying every single one just to see how different shapes and elements and colors look on me.

Soon, I could look myself in the mirror and an hour later I was twirling and making jokes with them. She would calm me in the dressing room and we woyld logically comment how this fits what. I came to conclusion that my figure just fits specific sizes and shapes and I now know for a fact what that is.

And funny enough, I love the fairy princess theme, I like that it has more sholder cover, lace is a yes or glitter, pinkish hues are okay, long V cut, and front the waist a bit puffier. I have a figure for that specific cut. I am short, with curves and I want to feature that not my flaws.

Long story short, finding a patient smaller store and talk before hand really helped me. she even stayed longer with us because she was having so much fun.

She was bringing her own choices to me "just for me to see how everything fits so I will always know and not be afraid of my mind" Find what your body looks good at, if still not sure, textile designer students or fashion students could tell you as well. Every body is beautiful, and choosing the correct dress (not the one you saw on someone else) is what you will find the most joy with.

Support from the fiance, as well.



I hated it too! Agree that everything is geared for much younger brides (I'm in my late 30s). Also there is not much selection for shorter dresses, which was something I also wanted. I ended up going to a dressmaker and getting what I wanted made.

Not a wedding dressmaker, they are crazy expensive (unless you can afford that, I'm sure they will make a georgous dress). I found a tailor who did custom dresses. I found a dress that I liked on etsy, and also a pattern that I liked, and brought them to her.

She got fabric and made the dress. It was a basic cotten dress by looked amazing. It came out to about $1700 total, which really wasn't that bad considering I didn't need alterations.

She was also able to do some other things with the fabric, like make a tie for my husband and fabric to tie the bouquets and boutonniers with (same fabric as my dress). I'm in NYC, so I don't know how easy it would be to find a dressmaker, but I would definitely encourage it if that is an option!

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